Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Break in the Weather and Dreams for the Future!

We had rain last night...blessed, blissful, cooling RAIN!
I finally got a semi-decent nights sleep, too. Nothing like the sound of rain on the roof and outside the window to lull you to sleep! Better than any sleeping pill out there, I bet.
Because of the rain, the temp dropped almost 20 degrees...now, that's a Good Thing!
With the Darlin' Mans retirement day getting closer and closer, my dreams of our future homestead are getting clearer and clearer.
We have made some decisions, among them, our future livestock purchases
Here are some of them:
Icelandic goats! Sturdy and great for any homestead in Northern climes. Great for milk, meat, wool and pelts! Beautiful, aren't they?

Milking Devon cattle. Milk, meat, oxen and hides. Perfect homestead cow! And so purty!

Now, the Darlin' Man wants a mule or two, but I want a horse or two. So, we are still stale-mated on that one!
Chickens...well, he is leaving that one up to me and I am still a bit indecisive.

We found out that we will have a bit more money than we thought to start up the homestead, but since we haven't gotten the money YET, I am still sorta hedging my bets.

Haven't picked our pig breed yet, though I am definitely leaning towards the Gloucester Old Spots.
How adorable are they!?!? Squeeeeeeeeee! Look like little piggy banks brought to life!
Also very lean, good breeders and good mothers.

Do I give *points* for the cuteness or attractiveness?
Yes...yes, I do.
I think if you like the way a certain breed of livestock looks, you are likely to take better care of it.
Probably why I don't want a mule.
Those suckers are ugly!



  1. did you go out and stand in the rain? the rat

    1. Rat, I grabbed a chair off the patio and went out and SAT in the rain for about an hour, lol! In my nightgown, got soaked to the skin but didn't care....the cool rain and breeze felt so good!

  2. A donkey or llama will keep wolves/coyotes away from the herd. Just an FYI, though you probably already knew that, lol.
    So good to hear things are coming together for you guys. I know you're going to do one heck of a butt dance when you get moved up north :D
    Take care woman, miss you.
    Hubby wants to know if you're going to hook up with us on your trek north?

    1. Don't know yet, Tina. I guess it depends on which route the Darlin' Man decides is best for us to take!
      Also, don't know what the weather conditions will be when we make the trek north.
      I should be able to get more detailed as the day comes closer.

    2. Well we hope so, we could even meet you somewhere if you're even going to be closeish :) Do miss you woman, you make life interesting.

  3. Lamb,

    Time is getting closer for you and Darlin' Man. You must be getting excited about the move. Gosh, I wish my husband and I were closer to moving ourselves. It's going to be a while for us.

    Great selection of critters for up north. Like Darlin' Man, my husband wants donkeys. He keeps telling me you can get them free in Texas. I just want health animals to help with our place.

  4. But mules are so much more intelligent than horses. A pair of mules would be far more versatile in their work abilities than horses. but then I don't care for riding.


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