Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Very Good News and Ugly Wallpaper ...

First, to the wallpaper issue. It will be next Spring before we can tackle the cosmetic issues here, but I thought some of you would get a giggle (or a nightmare) from the plethora of wallpaper patterns on the walls here.
This is on ONE SIDE of the kitchen

One of the bedrooms


Another bedroom

The OTHER SIDE of the kitchen!

Dining room. Even the switchplates are covered with this!

Living room. Yes, THREE wallpapers. Or two with a border in between.

I warned you, didn't I? Yes, they are hideous, each one a horrible mistake of design and color all by it's self...but together? YEESH!                                                                                                                 
Now...on to the Very Good News:
The Darlin' Man is here. He is finally and totally H.O.M.E.
He had been working for the railroad and staying in Indiana, but after many conversations and some applied mathematics, we came to the conclusion that maintaining two residences (even if his was a rented room) was costing us more than if he came home and didn't have a job. So, he came home. And promptly got a job locally. 
He had never been here. I was the one that picked out the property and the house, that figured out which town we wanted to be close to, etc.
He loves it here!
I am so glad he does, too! 
We are joining the Grange, he already has a library card, we went to a Town Hall meeting, he has met the neighbors, gone downtown and checked out the stores (we only have a dozen or so) and checked out the surrounding countryside. He can't believe there are still small towns like this. He says "It is how living is supposed to be!"
He is right. 
So what if the internet is slow and some parts of the county are so remote rumor says they have to pipe in sunshine?! People wave, they stop by just to talk about the weather and who got the best hay crop this year and do you think the river will flood next spring.....the big news in the paper is the chili cook off, a 5k run and a local parade. The police report in the paper says one person got a speeding ticket and a couple got in an argument on the other side of town and the cops were called. (That was for a whole week!)
We both love it here and we both are happy. 
I'll try to post more often, now that the internet is running semi-okay.