Monday, April 11, 2016

Crappy Pictures

It has been pretty overcast here since I arrived.
BUT.....I tried to take some pictures inside the tiny house:
Old fridge built into the wall.

Closer view

Corner where my bed will be

Plenty of windows, though!

Spare windows that are destined for a cold frame project

Kitchen! But, alas, no running water or septic for the sinks.

My stove! Heat and cooking in one (once it is hooked up and cleaned off)

It's not much, but it will work for me and Siona.
Speaking of which.....
Siona checking out the snow and her new neighbors...

New neighbors. Named Cheese and Quakers.

The local waterfall in it's frozen Winter glory!

Today will be a busy day. After I finish this post, I will go out to do some more cleaning in the tiny house, try to hook up the wood stove myself and possibly get that king sized box spring and mattress the heck out of there!
I have been staying nights at dear friends, Timi and Jim's house, but I feel bad imposing on them...besides...I want to sleep in my own dang house as soon as possible! to cleaning...and I will try to take a few pictures while I am at it!


  1. As long as you can get it into a warm & dry condition the rest can be done a little at a time.

  2. looks like it has real possibilities! Can't wait to see it all fixed up! take your time and pace yourself.

  3. Lamb,

    Keep on....keeping on!!! I know you'll get this house in order and exactly the way you would like.

  4. I lived in a 12 X 15 foot one room home built during the great depression for 18 years until I moved to Texas last year. I put in my own electricity, it just cost me 800 dollars, but never did have running water or a sewer, you will do just fine with it, hopefully you have some other storage.


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