Thursday, May 25, 2017


You might notice I am changing my blog a bit.
I'll be weeding out some old posts, changing the format and layout some.
Just a general weeding and freshening up.
If I change something and you don't like the change, let me know!
Or, if there is a change you'd like to see me make, let me know that, too!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hi There!

Yes, I am still alive and kickin'.
Mostly kickin'.
I am staying with my friend Timi and her family, still working as a cashier at the local grocery.
Still doing my paintings...sometimes they sell, sometime they don't.
Trying to stay on my diet...ugh.
I have lost pants falling off is testament to that! Hope to lose a lot more!
Health is fair to middlin' as they say. Got a doctors appointment the end of June that should clarify where I am on the health spectrum.
The farm?
Here's where it gets tough.
The ex was supposed to pay the property taxes while he was living there.
Another lie, of course.
So, I have about 24 months before the property is seized for back taxes...which I currently cannot afford to pay.
Got a few ideas to raise the money...still checking out possibilities.
My job only pays $7.40 an hour. (Yeah, I know. I haven't worked a job for this small an hourly wage in literally 20 years) But, the store is one of the biggest employers in town.
Also, our manager is not allowed to give anyone more than 33 hours a week, so I can't ask for extra hours or hope for overtime.
I am looking for a second job.....or maybe I'll try and get some work here and there doing odd jobs and such.
So far, nada. But, I will keep trying.
Spring has sprung here with Summer right on it's heels.
Both seasons go fast here, but while they are here they are intense and wonderful!
So enjoy both seasons where-ever you are!