Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hellllloooooooo Ladies.....!

Say hello to Henry and Zepplin:

 Henry is a rental buck. Charming, gentle and oh-so-handsome! The girls reached the end of their milking cycles and we decided to get a decent buck to breed them to. Gabby and Champagne already adore him!
Zepplin is a half grown rooster given to us by a neighbor that got him from a friend who received him in an order of female chicks she ordered from a hatchery...sometimes it happens!
I think my girls and Henry will make lovely kids!

Zepplin is our *Rooster-in-Waiting* in case Cab can't fulfill all his duties. I also plan to catch Nuggets free range half grown chicks (that are now hens) and tuck them into Zepplins little coop.
So...working on the future here!