Saturday, June 29, 2013

I See a Bathro.....uhm...Bad Moon On the Rise!

Been listening to a lot of CCR the past few days. (If you don't know what CCR is, go away! You are obviously too young to read this blog!)
The heat here has been draining on everyone. After feeding and milking in the mornings (right after the sun peeks over the horizon), we water...heck, we OVER water. Extra buckets in the hens coop, extra bowl in the bunny hutch, etc. I put frozen 2 ltr. bottles in the bunny hutch, too.
We have hit triple digits every day for most of June.
One of our peahens died and two hens. I think it was the heat. Just too much stress on them.
Heck, it's too much stress on me!
I sleep through the hottest part of the day and do my chores in the wee hours of the morning and late in the evening.
The goats were a little startled about getting milked before the sun was completely up, but they have gotten used to it.
Things are changing around here as the Darlin' Man speeds towards his retirement. Our housing search has intensified, I am on Zillow three or four times a day.
(Any blog readers in New Hampshire? We are looking there!)
Found one property that looked promising, but then we found out a lot of herbicides and pesticides had been used by the previous owners for their farm.
Not good.
I have found a handful of properties that look like *maybes*.
Our current parameters for a property:
House built before 1920, Victorian farm house a plus!
20 acres or more
A well and one other water source on property, preferably a year round stream/brook/creek or river frontage. Pond would be nice, too.
Some open meadows/pastures as well as woods. Sugar maples a plus. Fruit or nut trees a plus.
NO HOAs or other restrictions on property.
Outbuildings would be nice for barn, chicken coop, etc...

Not much to ask for, huh? LOL!
Anyway...trying to avoid the heat here, I hope all of you are staying cool!


  1. Lamb, I know you are looking at NH how about Minnesota. I moved the family back after 6 years in Florida. Lots of farm land here. Keep your options open.

    1. The Darlin' Man has family in Vermont and he wants to be close. Also, no state income tax, no sales tax and we like the gun laws!

  2. thought I better come check on you! sorry you are losing critters. good luck with the hunt. They will find my carcass lying in the desert when the time comes. Find your happiness, sweet lamb. the rat

    1. If I stay around here much longer, they are liable to find my old carcass lying in the desert, too! The heat has been gawdawful this year!
      Thanks for checking in! I tried to readjust my blog options so I got rid of the silly capcha thing...hope it worked!

  3. I'm in NH, what area are you looking at? There are lots of farms of all sizes here.

    My son (he's 12) knows who CCR is. Then again he prefers the music that the hubby and I grew up with in the 80's and late 70's.

    1. You have raised your son well! I got to see CCR in concert many, many years ago. Great show!
      We are looking from the middle of NH up. Close to the Vermont line, if possible.
      If you find anything, email me if you can! fripperyfarm at

    2. You just have to raise kids up right and teach them to listen to your music. I did. My 38-yr-old baby has loved the Beatles since she was little.

      The heat sounds horrid.


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