Saturday, October 31, 2015

I THOUGHT I Was Ready For Anything!

Last Monday, the 26th, I had a heart attack.
A bad one.
Bad enough to have to be transported to a major hospital around 3 hours away. (although the ambulance only took 2 1/2 hours)
Okay....wasn't expecting this !
It was an interesting experience. I was whisked into the cath lab, and I got to see my heart from the inside! They threaded a camera, a balloon thingie and a stent through my femoral artery.
I am now on 7 different meds (ack!) and have to start cardio therapy.
I am heading to Va to see my kids tomorrow. One of my sons is flying up to drive me down.
Other plans have been made, things are happening.
As usual, I was a smart ass throughout the situation.
In the cath lab, I got a little pukey due to them giving me morphine. It's how I react to most painkillers.
The doc wanting to stop this reaction was planning on giving me a pill...
He asked me, "Can you swallow?"
I told him, "Not until after the third date, hun. I'm not THAT easy!"

Never throw a straight line like that at me....

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm Back......and Loaded For Bear!

Okay.  I know I have not posted in a while.
I was mourning having to sell my goats, mourning the death of my relationship and mourning the demise of my former life on the farm.
I got a job here in town.
I checked with a lawyer.
You see, the ex was soooooo sure I would never find out about his lies and numerous infidelities and was so sure of my love, that the house and land is in my name and my name ONLY.
Yeah. I own the farm, lock, stock and barrel.
So, I sent the ex a rental contract.
He countered by offerering to "negotiate". We met at a friends house (neutral territory) and he wanted to know how much it would cost him to buy me out and take possession of the property.
I named my price, he agreed to it.
Then I told him off. Not angrilily, but calmly. I called him a sociopathic child and informed him that I felt something much more dangerous towards him than hatred. I feel indifference.
Pure indifference.
What happens to him from here on in is all his fault. I will no longer be there to help him, protect him, cheer him up when he is having a rough time.
And honestly, it will ALL be rough times from here on out.
He is supposed to make the first payment on the farm on Oct. 27th.
If he doesn't, the farm goes up for sale the next day.
And I told him all that and more.
I'm back. And ready for anything.