Monday, November 1, 2010

New Arrival Derailed Weekend Post!

Yes, we have a new arrival....Gabrielle, a lovely full grown and VERY pregnant goat! She, in fact, is expecting TWINS!
The farmer that sold the Darlin' Man the buck and two does that we already had apparently felt he had too many pregnant goats to handle this year. So, a call to the Darlin' Man Friday evening and the deal was struck.
Darlin' Man went over to the farm courtesy of a neighbors pick-up truck Saturday morning. By lunchtime, the new doe was meeting her  pen mates.
Gabrielle IS lovely.She is a blend of white and pale brown with nicely curved horns and a gentle bleat. She is a bit shy and was unsure of the other goats. Because she is so very pregnant, and because Wang (our buck) has a tendency to get rough and rambunctious, Wang has been moved into the *bachelor quarters* so recently vacated by Red, the rooster. Yes, the pen is quite large enough for Wang to be comfortable.
However, Wang made his displeasure known last night.

The most pitiful bleating you ever heard! He stood there in his pen, yearningly gazing over at *his girls* in the big pen and bleating his little goat heart out. The *girls* did not return the favor. They seemed happy and content to have their pen be *ladies only*. Wang grumpily settled down and went to sleep around 10 pm last night. He tried the bleating routine this morning, but seemed to get tired of making the effort after he got his breakfast of alfalfa. Gabrielle, Patches and Champagne were ignoring him anyway, lol!
Gabrielle will deliver sometime between the middle and end of November. I am so excited...we will have little ones!
 I will go grab my recipe file and post a few favorites later today...right now, I am going to go talk to some goats! (I go into the pen and hand feed them snacks and nibbles and talk gently to them and pet them to gentle them down).

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