Monday, June 23, 2014

House Update

Okay, here it is.
We got the house! And at over 13 thousand UNDER list price!
I finally called my real estate agent and told her: "Here is my final offer. This is IT. No more negotiations.Not a dime more. If the bank chooses to accept my offer, they better do it fast, because I will withdraw this offer next Tuesday at 5pm, New Hampshire time. Then I will look elsewhere"
I also sent her an email saying the same thing.
I did that last Thursday.
I got a call back Friday around noon.unnel.

My realtor had printed out the email and put it in front of the banker, telling him, "My client is serious. If you think you will get a better price, you are kidding yourself."

The bank agreed.
Closing will take about 30 days. Which means another gawdawful hot July here in El Paso. But at least I can see a blazing light at the end of this tunnel.
So happy!
We are packing carefully. I am going through boxes that the Darlin' Man hasn't unpacked in EIGHT years!
A LOT is going in the trash.
I am going to have a yard sale. There is an amazing amount of stuff I am not going to take.
We are minimizing what we are taking with us. And what we are leaving unpacked until the last minute.
One plate, spoon, knife and fork for each of us. One bowl for each. One glass for each. One saucepan, one frying pan and the big pan that we make tea in. The tea pitcher. A couple of big spoons and pancake turners for cooking. The rest of the kitchen is almost packed.
Most of our clothes are packed. We are each keeping out enough clothes for one week and then washing the clothes we keep out every six days. One towel for each.
I need more boxes for the books...we have sooooo many. And movies. And CDs.
Well, at least I have a month to pack!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Well, we are in a bit of a bidding war for the house we want in New Hampshire.
No one has even LOOKED at this house for a year. A YEAR!
The same week I looked at it, someone else did.
And the banker making the decision is apparently, very casual about getting back to my real estate agent.
So...we had to *up* our bid.
And, hopefully, we will hear something Monday.
If the bank guy doesn't take another long weekend.
In other news...
I finally caved and got a *smart* phone. I got one of the *no contract* ones,
I think the darn thing is way smarter than I am!
I am getting used to all the functions, etc., but invariably, I push the wrong icon at the wrong time and I end up suddenly with a screen I don't understand doing a function that I didn't want it to do.
But I did download a free game and I can happily kill time playing mah-jong.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I'm In Love.......

....with New Hampshire!

I got back from my one week house hunting trip last Thursday. I spent a week in Vermont with day trips to New Hampshire.

It. Was. Amazing.

I cried. Seriously, I cried as my host drove me to his lovely home in Jericho Vermont.
It was cool. And green. OH SO GREEN!
Not flat either. Hills and mountains and lakes and streams, rivers and waterfalls....everything I love!
Spring and early summer flowers EVERYWHERE!
No sand...except at the park where we went to play volleyball. (Okay, they played volleyball. I watched.)

I drove over to New Hampshire and I saw a moose with her calf. Doing moose stuff. Mama Moose was wading in a small lake eating water weeds and the baby was scampering about on the shore.
I also saw chipmunks, skunks, a porcupine, a couple of raccoons and lots of squirrels.(The dogs, who have never seen a squirrel---except Siona---are going to go NUTS!) And the trees...the lovely, lovely trees!

Yes, I am in love with New Hampshire!
I took loads of pictures, however, I can't figure out how to email them to myself. (Not a smart phone and obviously, not a smart owner, lol!) I will keep trying.

Coming back here was not good. It was 100 degrees when I got off the plane here. Miserable heat.

Tomorrow is the Boy's graduation. He will also be leaving to move to east Texas where his college of choice is and where some other family lives.
So, no post tomorrow...but I will be posting all about the house on Tuesday!