Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Okay, Changing Gears

I deleted my horrible posts about that horrible incident.
Things are changing, it is not time to drag the past with me.
I want to get on with my life and whether it is here (currently in Va.) or going back to NH or going elsewhere, I need to just get on with it.
I went and stayed a couple days with a blogger friend in Kentucky, got my son off to his new life (he is going to Austin) and tried to get my head together.
Not gonna mention the bloggers name (out of respect for her), but HOLY COW, she is a hardcore homesteader! Beautiful property....a wee bit difficult to get there unless you have 4wd, or a helicopter...but BEAUTIFUL! Creek running through it, loads of trees, plenty of flat land for fields/pastures, plenty of rolling hills if you are thinking about an earth-sheltered home. Really lovely geography. No running water (except the creek), no electric (although they are about to go solar).
She *lives the life*. No bullshit. Hard to find folks like that these days.
And she let me cry on her shoulder a bit and help me get my head together a bit better and make some difficult choices. Or at least get started on making some choices.
I hope she knows she has my undying gratitude! Much love, lady, YOU ARE AWESOME!
While in Kentucky, one of my sons left for Austin, Texas. He was happy to get on with his life, but upset to have to leave his dog behind. Oh, yeah, he said he would miss me, too, lol!
The other son that was with me had found a situation in Va and stayed here. I am hoping he may be able to get his old job back, or possibly a new one.
Me? Well, been talking to the *darlin' man*. Both of us assessing our situation and what we really want to do.
First and foremost, whether we reconcile or not, I am insisting he get therapy/counseling for his anger issues.
Other than that...I dunno.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

There ARE Bonus Moments

Being here, I am trying to keep my head together and not get too depressed.
So...a few bonuses:
Cheerwine! Never had it? You are soooo missing out!
Kitch'n Cook'd Potato Chips! Still the best ever.  You can order online. SO worth it! They are made nearby, so I was able to get them in the stores here.
There's a couple of the bonuses for today.