Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moving On Up!!!

Okay...I am moving!
From a rooming house where I was manager to an apartment.
No more sharing bathrooms and kitchen with 15 people!
No more having to lock my pantry with TWO padlocks!
No more food missing from the refrigerator!
No more hearing the person in the next room watch banal sit-coms on t.v. at full volume!
No more knocks on my door at 1 am by angry tenants, drunk tenants, high tenants or just plain bored tenants wanting someone to talk to!

Of course, this means I have to find a new job as well.
I am prepared to hunt down a job asap.
I go to look at the two apartments tomorrow.
 One is on the third floor, the other is on the ground floor. The one on the third floor is cheaper and larger, but the smaller apartment is in a more convenient location.Both come with all utilities provided.

I am almost all packed...packing up a pantry is a pain, but it is necessary.
The worst part is trying to use up all the perishables before the move!
Fortunately, I don't keep a lot of frozen stuff in the freezer here (not much room!) and I limit my purchases of fresh foods. I have had to eat a LOT of salads this week!
So, it may be a bit long between postings here due to the move!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pass this on for me if you would, please!

Healthy, active and enthusiastic woman looking for caretaking/farm/ranch/property management position.
I am especially interested in opportunities on organic farms/ranches and those that raise heritage breeds.
Have worked on dairy farms, agricultural farms, cattle farms, poultry farms. Currently exiting employment as a property manager in Beaumont, Texas. Tired of city living, looking for employment in rural area! I don't require a lot of pay, just a roof over my head and new challenges to tackle!
Not afraid of hard work, animals or buggies and beasties. I adapt well to every situation. Not prone to panic and stay calm in almost every situation. (Last time I didn't stay calm was when teaching a teenager to drive...but he is grown now, so I don't have to do that again, thank goodness!)
I have skills at herbalism, food preservation and storage, gardening, composting, animal health, livestock management in general, crafts, basic carpentry (built a cabin of my very own once!) I can work with minimal supervision, as well.
If you have have housing and work for two, I have a friend (late 30s, male) that is also looking for a similar position anywhere from San Antonio area to Los Cruces New Mexico area!

Respond to:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well, had an interesting early morning visit today.
The owner of the rooming house where I have been manager showed up at my door (he is in town from Dallas) and fired me.
I had asked him yesterday for pay. Novel concept, ehhh? Actually getting pay for efforts made and work done?
Today he fires me.
I got my room free as my reward for working here, but I felt, considering all I did, that I deserved some actual financial reward as well.
The owner apparently disagreed.
So, I have a personal SHTF situation going on.
This job took up so much of my time that I never had the time to apply for employment elsewhere, nor would I have had the time to actually go do another job. The owner did not appreciate that.
So, taking the time to look at my current resources and options.
The owner wants me to move so that the new manager can take over. He also wants me to train the new manager.
My immediate response to him "It will cost you."
Yes, I will train the new manager, but I will charge for my knowledge and time.
I will vacate this room sometime in the next 90 days---when I have made other arrangements to my liking.
In the meantime, I will live a life of leisure.
No more scrubbing toilets, no more scrubbing floors, no more cleaning or taking out trash, etc.
I will, instead, rise at my leisure, due some networking online, check out classified ads and network with those I know may be able to help me find other employment.
My main thing is to remain calm. Zen-like.
No panic or anxiety.
Calm is very definitely the word of the day here.

While I am regrouping...if any of y'all know of a job in the El Paso area (within 100 miles), let me know!
Ideally in agriculture or ranching with living quarters included.
Or, I can run a rooming house, cook for crowds (10 to 100), groom horse and dogs, doctor cattle, milk cows, brand cattle, garden (organically, please!) and many other skills.

Thursday, April 8, 2010