Monday, June 3, 2013

June is FINALLY Here, Thank Goodness! And a Bit of a Rant.

Although I despise the heat here, I am glad to see the month of June arrive! May was so miserable for so many people. As if to make me feel better, Mother Nature granted us a short rainstorm and a cooling breeze last night. Yes, I went outside and walked in the rain and enjoyed the breeze!

On to my rant.

Though I may not see it in my lifetime, I can see the writing on the wall.
America is done.
Within 50 years states will become *regions*, regions will splinter and fracture and the whole idea of a *United* States will become moot.
I don't see the country becoming a banana republic, but I do see the country becoming a chaotic continent of regions, some living peacefully side by side, some constantly warring.
At least one region, possibly two, will come into total domination by the backwards, archaic, violent Muslim population. ( Dearborn Michigan and Paterson New Jersey are already dominated by high Muslim populations). If you live in those areas, get your ass out now, unless you want your children, grandchildren and other future descendants living under Sharia law. Islam allows for ONLY three outcomes for the non-Islamic: Conversion, Enslavement or Death.
There will be massive violence as those areas transition.
Please, do NOT protest this and say *But it's the religion of peace*. We all know that is bullshit.
Read your history books. There has NEVER been an Islamic country that lived peacefully.
If they lived peacefully with their neighbors, then they committed acts of violence against each other...raping young girls, beating their wives,honor killings, male rape of young boys, killing neighbors because they wouldn't sell their 10 year daughter into marriage with a 45 year old man, etc. And all of it condoned by their *faith*...which, in reality is NOT a *faith*, but is an all encompassing political/cultural/religious movement.

We have become a weak country. Seriously weak.
We no longer value self-sufficiency, courage, independence, critical thinking, freedom, or ANY of those qualities that made America the Republic a nation to be envied and held up as an example.
Now we arrest kids that take a plastic GI Joe to school that has a less than 1 inch gun in it's holster.
We don't ask immigrants to assimilate into our melting pot....we *celebrate* their cultures...even if they practice Female Genital Mutilation , taking hunks of broken glass or lids of tin cans to slice and dig out the inner labia and clitoris without anesthesia  in the belief that it keeps girls pure and chaste. Oh yeah...celebrate that shit! Such damn cultural diversity, it makes me want to puke.
I had an uncle (now deceased) that fought in World War II. Korea. AND VietNam.
Three Purple Hearts. A couple of Silver Stars and a Bronze Star. In addition to several other medals and decorations. He saw the horrors of the Nazi Concentration Camps up close and personal. Bodies being loaded onto flat bed rail cars like cord wood in Korea. Infants booby trapped and placed in the road by their mothers in VietNam because the VC knew American troops would want to save the baby and would get blown up with the infant.
What he did NOT see? A diagnosis of PTSD. He retired after 34 years in the service, went onto a successful career in real estate and enjoyed his remaining years with my aunt...taking vacations and enjoying life.
We used to be made of sterner stuff, I think.
Through my Darlin' Man, I have heard of current soldiers who never went into a combat area being diagnosed with PTSD (and getting disability for it!) because they HEARD of a friend getting killed in combat.
Spare me.
I had eight friends that were killed in VietNam, perhaps I should apply for PTSD related disability.

We have coddled ourselves to death. Unfortunately, it means the death of our country.
Those individuals (call them *preppers* or *survivalists* or whatever catch-all term is being used this week) that value self-sufficiency, freedom, etc. are rapidly "detaching" themselves from society. They still attend their churches or community events or go to the cinema or concerts...but they are talking less and less about their efforts and/or preps. It's called "going gray (or grey for my British friends). More and more are doing it. They are attempting to take their lives "off grid"...maybe not literally (as in no electricity or other utilities), but they are lowering their profiles. No credit cards and/or bank accounts. No cell phone with GPS capabilities. No GPS in their vehicles. Becoming self-employed and moving to a state with no state income tax or sales tax to lighten the load of all the invasive paper work. They home school. They grow as much of their own food as possible. I think they are the smart ones.

Our government has betrayed us AND the intent of our Founding Fathers. (Will someone please go check the graves of Tho. Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Geo. Washington, Thomas Payne, et al? I am sure those gentlemen have spun so much in their graves all the dirt must have been kicked off by now!)
We have corporations that wield more power than any politician or elected official (including the President). Monsanto being a good example. Monsanto poisons us and the band plays merrily on....due to the fact that the halls of Congress and the Executive Branch AND the Supreme Court are populated by former Monsanto lawyers and employees. Of COURSE GMOs are safe! We wouldn't lie to you! Colony Collapse in bees? Oh no...our genetically modified corn, wheat, canola, etc and herbicides wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with that! And we are sure the Monarch Butterfly numbers are decreasing rapidly because of some other reason...

If you are not angry, you haven't been paying attention!

I continue to blog in the hopes that it will help someone out there, somewhere, to wake the hell up!
You have the internet (obviously) because you are reading this.
Use (they don't save data to hand over to the government!) or, if you must, google.
Check out:
Cotton suicides (Monsanto), GMO bans, FGM, Sharia Law, Honor Killings, "Going Gray".
Check out financial pages and see how the bankers are giving us the shaft.
The Icelandic Revolution (woefully under reported by the main stream media)
Educate yourself.
It is painful, but it is necessary.


  1. Lamb...i have just spent the last 20 minutes trying to refute your rant. i have typed and erased a whole pile of meaningless sentences. i have to agree with all of your statements...and that is a scary thought. but, like you, i have been feeling this way for some years now. it's going to get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better.

    your friend,

    1. Yes, it WILL get worse. But will it get better after it gets worse? I don't know. What is really sad...I am an Optimist!
      I think those of us that have become aware and are doing our best to carve out a sustainable future for ourselves and our families are the ones that will hold onto the *idea* of a United States. Or a Canada.

    2. Lamb - it is ALREADY WORSE! i am an optimist too...which is why we did like you did and moved to somewhere that felt the most safe. somewhere where we, like you, could make a difference and maybe hide out what is coming? in my mind, north america is north america. our countries have different histories but our paths have always been about freedom and independence!

      i DO BELIEVE that some of us will be able to sustain the old, pioneer ways and live this latest struggle out. it is why i have so much trust in some of my neighbours to the south.

      we CAN do this. it is just going to be hard...and it is going to suck. but we are optimists together and i know that we CAN DO IT!

      thanks for a really great post! your friend,

  2. I think there are lots of violent people out there, including Christians, Hindus, etc., and our war-mongering politicians. I think viewing life from a fear-based perspective can be pretty limiting. In tough times we need to think outside the box. I know many people, from many different religions, and all of them are normal, loving folks. Saying all ..... people are .... is a bit of a knee jerk reaction. It's easy at time to be frustrated and blame it on others. Every culture has a violent streak in my experience. We wiped out, killed off/imprisoned native cultures here, burned witches, had slavery, polluted in the name of making more $$$, yada yada. It's good to live as self sufficiently as possible, and I don't trust the govt. But I won't live in a cave somewhere. I'll group up with my neighbors, swap stuff and hope for the best. I've already survived a lot in my life, sometimes it's about shifting your perspective.

    1. Yes, every culture has a violent streak. I can agree with that. But cultures mature, civilizations grow up.
      When was the last slave freed in America? Long time ago, if I am reading my history right.
      OH! Except for Muslims that have immigrated and practice it here! (Some wealthy ones settled in NY state and imported a few slaves under the pretext that they were *fostering* them)
      Slavery is very much allowed under Islam. And "Honor Killings". And beating your wife.
      Their culture has not grown up or matured.
      Yes, I will paint them with a broad brush. I have read the Quran (Koran, Qu'uran...whatever spelling you use)
      They think a 45 yr old man marrying and having sex with a CHILD is A-Okay! Mohammed was a freakin' PEDOPHILE.

      I don't plan on living in a cave. I plan on living in a farming community.
      I don't trust our government either. I think what is done with our tax dollars is appalling and disgusting. Bombs with depleted uranium? FORCING farmers in Afghanistan to abandon their traditional seed stocks in favor of the GMO seeds our gov't. and Monsanto dump into their country? That's total and complete bullshit.
      We should bring our troops home and let the Middle East (and the other 73 conflicts we have troops in) sort themselves out. Restore our borders and raise the bar for immigrants coming to the US.
      Right now an architect from Ireland can't get a visa even if offered employment...but a refugee from Somalia with absolutely NO skills or education can get a "free pass". And of course, housing, loans, grants, food stamps, TANF, health care, etc. And if the refugee gets violent and uses a machete to express his ire at a neighbor, no harm done....he needs sympathy as his culture finds it acceptable.
      I am fed up. Maybe it is because I am old. I dunno.
      I am so fed up with the "political correctness" and "victim" mindset in this country and I am not going to sit here in resigned silence anymore.
      I do not *fear* other cultures or anything else. I am disgusted and reviled by them. Just as I am disgusted and reviled with my government.

  3. I think you can find things wrong all over the world. Many flee the countries exactly for the reasons you've stated. In a world where women are still devalued vile things happen, and those men should be surgically altered, IMO. Money also talks, whether you're a refugee or not. I'm a lot more worried about China buying up and selling lots of American currency/dollars. For most of the people I know no one celebrates another's culture by tolerating violence, unless they're crooked, or on the take. Or stupid.


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