Saturday, June 1, 2013

Animal Update

No pictures, but here is a quick update on the critters here at Frippery Farm!

Ugly Betty and her chicks: Betty and her two chicks are fine. The chicks are half grown and Betty has started treating them with benign neglect. They sleep on their own roost and Betty on hers and Betty has been making noises about joining the other chickens in the regular coop.

The Goats: Still getting plenty of milk out of all the milking does. Nikki is growing like a weed, though still trying to nurse off her mama, Nola. Lily, who we thought was dried up, starting producing milk again...and I found out it was because Lilac was nursing on her now and again and sorta kick-started her. Lily has a bit of mastitis, but I am milking her out thoroughly twice a day, so that should resolve itself rapidly.

Nugget and her chicks: Healthy AND noisy! We are getting ready to move them all out to a mini-coop as they have outgrown the re-purposed the old bunny hutch we have them in now.

Other Assorted Poultry: All the turkeys, peafowl, ducks and geese are fine and laying eggs like crazy! I have filled the incubator, so I have a broody hen that is setting on some of them and I am letting Heloise the goose set her own eggs.

Incubator Chicks: So far, I have had two chicks hatch and live. One, a goose and the other, a duck. We hatched out a turkey, but the little cuss died. The gosling (Ryan) we sold to someone that very much wanted a pet goose for their little farm. The duckling (Daffy) is happily living in a large Rubbermaid tote in my sons room. Daffy is aptly named. He runs around his tote like crazy, stops to eat or drink, and then sprints about some more chirp-quacking the whole time. We take him out several times a day to swim in a large dishpan. He LOVES that! He also has a habit of nibbling on any people that pick him up or pet him. Within two weeks we should have several more chicks hatch. I am REALLY hoping for the peafowl chicks to hatch.

That's my update...more later, hopefully with pictures!


  1. Thank you for the update. I think I might always prefer animal updates for most animals, possibly more than for most people ! LOL

  2. Woke up this morning to find another turkey had hatched! It's a Royal Palm, also called a Silver Palm. Put it in the tote with Daffy....who was not scared of it exactly, but looked at the newcomer like "Ewwwww....what is THAT thing?!?"


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