Friday, August 5, 2011

Too Quiet Around Here.... and a few reflections

This morning the Girl left to visit relatives in another state. The Boy is already doing the same.
So it is real quiet around here...TOO quiet.
I am one of those people that not only wakes up at a noise in the dead of night, I also wake up at the total LACK of noise.
No noise is sorta unnatural around here! Normal background noise here includes the goats, the chickens, the dogs, the fans, refrigerator running, maybe the washing machine, etc.
The human noises are already noticeable by their absence. No video games going, no teens laughing over a movie or arguing over what movie to watch. No slamming doors as someone goes outside, no clinking and clanking in the kitchen as one of the kids makes a snack. (Why do their snacks always involve 4 plates. 2 bowls and a dozen utensils? LOL!)
It was a bit spooky feeling to me, so I turned the tv on for background noise.
I will try to enjoy the peace and quiet, but they will be back on the 19th, so everything will get back to normal then!
As some know, my Son has moved in with us. Yes, he is an adult (28). Times are tough, and the place where he worked cut it's staff, so he asked if he could come down here to try to get back on his feet. The Darlin' Man and I talked it over and agreed to let him move in.
There were some caveats ....he had to pitch in with the chores and work here. No drugs. He had to take his drivers license test and get his license.
So far, he has done all that has been asked of him and more.
The most remarkable thing is the change that come over my son.
You see, he always had the idea that he would end up living in an urban area, working with computers or something technical.
With him, it was always "city, city, city". He thought he would enjoy the noise and activity, the easy availability of concerts, etc. In fact, he moved to Portland, Ore. for a bit and tried it.
He hated it there.Left after just a couple months. It was "too much", he said.
Now, here, on our little acre, he is happier than I have seen him in literally years!
He is calmer. He loves the goats and enjoys working with them. I suspect his milking skills will surpass mine within another month or two! The goats have *bonded* with him. They follow him around, begging to be petted or scratched behind the ears. He talks to them and takes them treats.
He is okay with the chickens, although he has found Red to be the most anti-social rooster on the planet! (as have we all!) He gathers eggs, cleans out the coop and refills the water.
His first week here, the Darlin' Man gave him a list of jobs that needed to be done, that we just hadn't had the time to get to. Within three days, all the jobs were done.
He used to smoke marijuana. I was concerned that lack of it would annoy him or he would miss it so much that he would be testy and cranky.
I talked to him about it this morning, as we were milking the goats. He said "You know, I don't seem to need it as much as I did living in town. There, I smoked it to calm down and to sorta block all the stuff that was going on. Here, it is so peaceful, I don't need to."
Country living and goats....
Even more surprising are his future plans.
He wants to farm! He sees far more value in farming, than in being a computer repair guy or code writer, etc. He says if he has to get a job that's not farming, he'd like to look into being a farrier or a large animal vet tech or even an A.I tech.
I was flabbergasted to hear this!
What is kinda funny to me, is the Darlin' Man's son, the Boy, sounds like my son before his change! The Boy is all about city, city, city and wants absolutely nothing to do with the goats or chickens or the garden, etc. He plans on a career in the *tech world*. Can't wait to move to a big city "where there is something fun to do".
I wonder what he'll think in 10 or 15 years.....
Late last night, I sat outside for awhile. The cooler night air relaxes me before I come in to go to bed.
I looked up at those stars, so crystal clear in the desert night sky and though about how lucky I am to be here...with my Darlin' Man, my family, and in this situation. How lucky I am to look up and see those gorgeous stars, my view not blocked by buildings or smog, the cool night air gentle against my face. The goats rustling around in their pens, a soft baaa every once in a while as they bedded down for the night. A soft cluck every once in a while from the chicken coop as the hens vie for the best position on their roost.

Night time in the desert....


  1. Your son has had an epiphany, Lamby. Good for him, GREAT for you. Nothing warms a mother's heart more than to see one of her own finding their compass in life.

  2. I has made me so happy to see him so happy! He sometimes feels a bit stressed, but when he does, he goes out and talks to the goats or takes some scraps to the chickens or just does some of the heavy duty lifting and such I can't do. He says the physical work calms him as does working with the livestock.


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