Thursday, August 4, 2011

Penelope's Saga

Penelope the hen is still living in the milking pen with the does, Gabrielle and Champagne.
Remember Penelope?

Well, she has settled in quite contentedly.
She cuddles up with the goats at night, scratches  through the hay all day looking for bits of feed the goats miss and drinks from their water trough. I have even caught her riding around on the goats backs! (Of course, I never seem to have my camera ready when that occurs!)
She seems to not to miss the company of the other hens at all!
She is sprouting some fuzzy down on her bottom where the other hens pulled out her tail feathers.
Penelope is quite lively and happy in the goat pen. She hasn't laid any eggs, and I fear if she does, they will get crushed by the goats. But right now, she is content and I am content to leave her where she is.


  1. Nice blog, think I'll hang around if you don't mind.

  2. Glad she found a safe spot! My chickens ride the goats too. And Nettie (the goat) actually will stand still and drop her head down when there's a potential chicken passenger and wait for them to hop on! In the winter (winter, what's that?), it's even a prime roosting spot and I have to haul all the chicken butts back into their roost.

  3. glad things are going well for her.


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