Monday, August 29, 2011

Different Things and Random Thoughts

So, Hurricane Irene wasn't the mega-storm they were predicting, although it hit--and hit hard---in some locales. People died, some of them pure accident, some of them pure stupidity ("C'mon! Let's go surfing in a hurricane! It'll be rad!").
Flooding and lots of property damage from wind and rain and flying debris.
I think we should all breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn't at Katrina strength, though.
I hope everyone in it's path that escaped unscathed have taken this as a warning to have a 72 hour bag and supplies at home to help them survive the next storm or disaster that comes their way.
The fella and I went to a class on Saturday about rainwater catchment. Good class!
Since we live in the desert, it is important to utilize rain water to the utmost here.
We learned about rain barrels, and more importantly, about swales, french drains and other natural ways to store and direct rain water.
I also found out that this something I really need to study up on much more.
Last night TLC had on a program called Living for the Apocalypse. It focused on four families of preppers/survivalists.
The first family was Peggy Layton and her family in Utah. Peggy is the author of several books on food storage. They showed her food storage...I was seriously envious!
Check her out at
The second person gives the name of "Survival Doc". He is a chiropractor living in Missouri.
Find his videos here
The third person was Dennis McClung and his family in Mesa, Az.
They have been seen on several survival type programs and are noted for turning a back yard built in pool into a garden. LOTS of great ideas! Check them out at
The fourth couple was a couple of singles...a older woman and her transgendered (male to female) best friend and roommate.Their location was not disclosed.

All in all, an interesting show. Some great ideas, but some terrible OPSEC (operation security). I would be a bit nervous about giving out my full name, street address, family members names, etc. Not to mention showing off all my preps! But I guess they are doing these shows to help others prepare.
A lot of bloggers are trying to help others get on board with prepping.
It isn't just out of the goodness of our hearts, I have to admit.
If we can get just one person to take our message seriously and really start prepping, that is one less person that will end up looting, one less person that will have to ask for handouts, one less person that may have to resort to violence to feed themselves or their family.
That's a Good Thing.
If you don't do food storage...start today.
If you don't keep emergency supplies...start today.
If you don't have a 72 Hour Bag (Bug Out Bag)...start today.


  1. I had heard of that program from another blogger, I hope that it goes on DVD! TLC, The History Channel, Discovery Channel & Animal Planet are really the only reasons I miss having TV.

  2. Carolyn, you can find some excerpts from the show here:

    If you go to the sites for the Learning Channel, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, the repeat a lot of the programs on their internet channel!


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