Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We have all heard of different mentoring programs...experienced mothers mentoring young first time mothers, successful businessmen mentoring high school students to help them succeed, etc.
I am proposing a new mentoring program; a Survivalist mentoring program!
Yes, we have all belonged to forums and such where we posted advice, etc for folks. A lot of us (including me and many of my dear readers) have blogs where we dispense advice, tips, etc to any and all that wish to read.

What I am proposing is that each and every person that reads this finds one person, just one, that has little or no experience at the skills/knowledge you already have (that are survival oriented) and teach them a few.
Now, at age 53, I have a wee bit of knowledge. After having a *passel o' kids*, I have a few more skills. After having raised gardens and canned/dehydrated/preserved their bounty, raised livestock and hunted game (and butchered same) to feed my family, plus worked myriad jobs to support my family---I realize I have quite a few skills and some knowledge that can help others.

I may not be able to wander hither and yon finding someone to mentor, but I can mentor through this blog.
I suggest other experienced homesteaders and survivalists do the same.

It is not like the old days, where you went to see the village elders to get advice on how and when to plant, how to treat a sick goat or what was the best way to thatch a roof...
In our electronic age, you can look up the majority of things you need to know in just a few minutes online.
What is missing is a personal touch.
Women, especially, need another woman they can count on , talk to, ask questions of, without fear of ridicule or embarrassment. (Sorry, guys, but sometimes the male version of this involves arm punching, horrible jokes and calling each other names. I know, it's a *guy thing* and you rough creatures are welcome to it!)

I think the reasons I see mentoring in the homesteader/survivalist community as a good thing are:
The better equipped others are, the less help they will need later on.
Passing on knowledge to a younger generation will keep that knowledge alive for them to pass on.
There are things you just can't learn from books!
Networking increases our collective strength.

So, here's the deal...if anyone has a question or needs suggestions/advice/etc on skills or knowledge in subjects I am pretty well versed on, send me a question!
I have sorta picked out a person to mentor...even if it is from afar, and will help them as much as I am able,
but will be happy to help anyone who has a question.

Happy mentoring, all!


  1. I look at blogging as mentoring as well Lamb. If any one is from north Ga area and needs or wants in person mentoring, our doors are always open. I think its a great idea and one that is much needed.. luv n lite to you lamb

  2. Lamby, what a wonderful post and and excellent idea. I try through my blog to reach someone out there. Sometimes I wonder though if I could be of more help to someone. I also put my name in the hat.... If there is anyway I can help a fellow prepper out personally, I would be more than happy to do it!

  3. a very excellent idea. I'm currently semi-mentoring a person in wild edibles and medicinal herbs. And I've found that despite any knowledge I think I have, I always learn more right along side them!! So it is really a win win situation: we BOTH learn!


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