Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And so today....

I was supposed to start my "Internet Yard Sale" today.
Unfortunately, life intervened. Best laid plans....and all that.
First, the digital camera I was using to take pictures of the items has caused me a great many problems. It apparently does not like talking to my computer. I don't know if I should fix them both a cup of tea, sit them down and have a nice chat to smooth everything out or what.My room mate, who is more tech-savvy than I am is working on the problem.
Second, I had to run around like crazy getting some errands done yesterday and today. I normally walk everywhere, so my life has a strolling pace. But, a friend was able to break loose some time and drive me around. I got a great deal done, but it cut into the time I would have otherwise devoted to my yard sale.
Third, I forgot to get the mailing boxes and envelopes while I was out! Totally a "brain fart" moment...lots of air in there, no thought! I had them on the oh-so-carefully thought out and written shopping list byt then I, o course, let the darn list at home!!!

So...yard sale is postponed for a day or two while I get everything back in line here.


  1. Sounds like you are having a Monday for sure! Hope things get rolling smoother for ya soon.

  2. Hey you!! Long time no see. It looks good! Keep going, at least keep going better than I have. My two blogs are dead in the water lately.


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