Thursday, May 25, 2017


You might notice I am changing my blog a bit.
I'll be weeding out some old posts, changing the format and layout some.
Just a general weeding and freshening up.
If I change something and you don't like the change, let me know!
Or, if there is a change you'd like to see me make, let me know that, too!


  1. Good to see you post. I am next door in Vermont, the South East. Hope you had a good winter. Looks like Summer may get here soon. I have been checking in to see if you have posted.

  2. Been a while since I've dropped in. Glad to hear you are still around! How is the book coming along? You started with a spell-binding story. Good luck paying those taxes.

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Because of a couple of rude people that left comments that included links to porn pages and such, I have been forced to start moderating comments again.