Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Little Bit of Down-Sizing...

As the time for us to make the *leap of faith*and move North comes closer, we decided to do a little downsizing.
So, Heloise the goose and Xander the gander, plus the three mallards---Huey, Dewey and Louie--are gone!
We traded them to the feed store for feed.
With a goat population explosion going on, we need the feed more than we need the cash!
Catching the geese experience.
They shared a pen with the ducks (except Daffy). As anyone that has ducks and/or geese can tell you, waterfowl quickly turn their pens into a wet, sodden mess!
So, I was appointed official *catcher*, and my son was appointed *He who holds the feed sack*.
I attempted to catch one of the ducks first, but then Xander flanked me and bit me solidly on MY flank!
So, I caught Xander and shoved him headfirst into the feed sack.
Heloise was much easier.
The ducks were fast and I lost my balance (and whatever remained of my dignity) and fell into the wading pool we gave them for swimming. Still determined, I finally cornered them and got them into separate feed sacks.
I went to take a shower while the Darlin' Man took the birds to the feed store.
He brought back the feed, and I relaxed with a post-shower cup of tea.
For those curious, the Darlin' Man did get the railroad job. He hasn't started it yet because he has to go through the railroads training school. He will start that March 17th. Until then, we have to make do on his pension and get everything ready for our big move. Not to the house and property!
Yeah...complete chaos here!


  1. Congrats on the job! You guys have got a LOT of stuff to do, make it fun!

  2. Great update and congrats all round


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