Monday, December 2, 2013

Ack! The Plague Raises It's Ugly Head!

Well, the Darlin' Man apparently brought one last gift home from retirement.
Some sort of vicious soul-sucking virus that has attacked all of us without mercy.
Take all the symptoms of the worst virus you have ever heard of.
Multiply them by ten.
Yep...that's what we have.
The Darlin' Man got hit the day after Thanksgiving. One of my sons got hit that night, The Boy got hit later that night...and the rest of us tumbled like dominos.
It started with the victim throwing up with no warning. No nausea, no fever, nothing.
After that, the symptoms got progressively worse.
Fever, massive headache, joint pains from the ninth level of hell, stomach cramps, diarrhea, dizziness...all the worst of the worst I have ever felt.
I have been treated to the lovely extra bonus of a head cold and chest congestion to go with the above ills.
I made a new batch of elderberry syrup stuff this morning.
I have also started mega-dosing with Vitamin C.
I am dragging myself around the house trying to sanitize/disinfect every inch of this place.
I am tossing out the leftovers of our Thanksgiving dinner (wince) and cleaning down the refrigerator within an inch of it's life.
Even the dogs are going to get baths!
I put clean sheets on everyone's beds this morning and started washing all the sheets and towels in the hottest water I can. Fortunately the day is warmish and the sun is bright, so I am line drying everything.
Yeah...going overkill on this. I hate being sick!
Hopefully, this will help.
I hope so...there are five of us and only two bathrooms!


  1. Oh you poor people. Hope all your scrubbing and precautions shortens the down time.

  2. Upper respiratory struck here. I am the only one who has escaped thus far but if I get it I am usually the sickest. Hope you are all better soon.

  3. I'm sorry you are all sick, Lamb ...hope everyone is on the mend now. I got with a head/chest thing two days ago and I think it's winning. I'm dragging. When Yeoldfurt was here, he would double dose me with meds and quarantine me in our room so that hopefully HE wouldn't get sick. We both wanted to avoid that at all costs because he always ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Now that he's gone, I miss him fussing at me to GET BACK TO BED! :(

  4. Howdy Lamb Since you commented on my blog I make it a point of following and checking on those who comment to see about adding them to my list. I would have hit the follow button but I don't do facebook.

    Your in El Paso? I used to live there myself but that was almost 30 years ago. I also noticed on your other blog you mentioned Joplin. Was that Joplin Missouri by chance?

    1. Yup...have lived in Joplin, Mo. Also Beaumont, Tx. And Lodge Grass, Mt. Basically...38 states and 13 countries. Wandering type, I guess...and I was born an Army brat. And went in the military. And married into the military. Divorced that guy and am now (a couple of spouses later) living with a guy that retired from the Army last month.

  5. Hello! I'm new here & it's the 13th of December, you still alive?

    1. Still alive and kicking....just real damn busy. Will post within the next couple of days.

  6. Last year, I was throwing up and having diarrhea for 50 hours before I drove myself 50 miles to an ER that would actually treat me. I felt all alone. But, that was better than having others around me in the same condition.

    I hope you are all better by now.


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