Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Animal Family

I have my human family and I have my animal family. Both are important to me....although if a member of my animal family is not working out, I can sell them or give them away!
Here's my current mammalian animal family...we'll leave the birds for another day!
Siona...*Queen* of the house!

Victor, our newest addition in his sweater sleeve coat

Victor, all naked


Tabatha, the fellas dog and my sons constant buddy

Champagne, looking for snacks

Gabrielle, aka Gabby, *Queen* of the goats

Nola and Nikki, Mama and daughter

Lilac, about to have breakfast

Alice, Ana and Alberto Alpaca

Alberto, taking a nap
 I love all the critters here!


  1. Lamb,

    Nice big animal family :=)
    Will they all be going with you when you move?

    Is it getting a little cooler there outside of El Paso?

    1. Yes, thankfully, it is getter cooler!
      All the mammals will be moving with us. Some of the birds.

  2. good group of friends you got there!


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