Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sure! Just Drop That Off Here!.....

Well, somebody dropped off a dog here.
Middle of the night. Put the little bugger on the front porch. I know they had to do this because we have a very heavy steel screen door and the dog on the porch was too small to have opened it!
Looks to be a 7 month old or so Chiweenie. (Chihuahua Dachshund mix) Male, is neutered. Totally healed up from the neutering (which is how I guess-timated his age)
Not micro-chipped, no ad of lost dog on Craigslist, nothing in paper and local Humane Society, SPCA and Animal Control have had no report of a lost dog with his description.
He is VERY friendly. Adorable bundle of fur and wagging tail and loves to snuggle.
I figured I could find him a home pretty quick.
And then..........
I showed him to the Darlin' Man.
"It's a CHIWEENIE " I swear, he squealed like a fifth grade girl!
Yes, dear, it is.
"I have always wanted a chiweenie!"


So, we have a new dog. (Keeping count? That makes FOUR!)
The Darlin' Man named the little stranger "Viktor". I don't know why, but it seems to suit him and in a couple days he was answering to it.
I'll post some pictures later.
Later...a pic of my youngest son and our new chiweenie..

 And the little guy, sound asleep....
One of my sons came to visit for about a week. He lives back east and is getting ready to go in the Army.
So...visiting relative means I do a lot of cooking...and...

Around here, that's entertainment!
I sold three of the turkeys, so our feed costs are going down a bit.
Now that laying season is over, I think I will try to sell a few other critters.
The geese.
Four of the ducks.
The rabbits.
We just need to downsize.
The Darlin' Mans retirement is getting closer and closer...November will be here before we know it!
The fewer animals we have to move, the fewer headaches!
The incubators we got...well, they are *still air* incubators.
Hatched a peacock chick, a gosling and a couple of turkey poults . The turkey poults died within a couple of hours, I sold the gosling and the peacock chick is doing great.
But we had to toss a LOT of eggs out. They went bad, just didn't hatch.
Anyone got any hints on how to use these type of incubators more successfully?


  1. Not sure what an air incubator is, would have to see a pic to help you out. We made our own, self turner. Works great.

    I hate it when people dump dogs at our place. I have four, I really don't need anymore!

  2. Hmmm....very strange that DH always wanted a Cheewenie and one "suddenly and mysteriously" appears on your front porch. Divine intervention or sneaky husband? :)

    1. I don't think he had anything to do with it. I can *read* him pretty good and he was genuinely surprised.
      I was still suspicious though.....and told him so!
      He denies being involved in Viktors sudden appearance at our door so I will give him benefit of the doubt THIS time.

  3. You're such a sweet person, Lamb. Give him a break. He likes dogs, and besides, he could be like me and bring home rifles wrapped in new area rugs...oops, how did 'that' get in there.

    1. And.....what makes you think he hasn't smuggled in a gun or six when he thought I wouldn't notice?

  4. When my daughter was 13 and visiting a friend a few blocks away, spending the night, she found a kitten she wanted. She and her friend sneaked back and put the kitten and a bowl of food on her own front porch. The next day she arrived home and was "surprised" to find a Her father would have told her "no," but since the kitten was just dropped there, he let her keep it.

    Maybe a friend dropped the dog off for him.

    1. I am still suspicious.
      VERY suspicious.
      Is okay...I'll have something I want suddenly and mysteriously appear on the door step....although I don't know if that will work for quilting batting and fabric...

  5. Have just found your blog... love it! Love the little dog, too! Four isn't too many!

    1. Hey there! Glad you found me!
      I have had as many as eight dogs at a time...but with everything else going on here, I had drawn the line at three. Although I guess it is now four, lol!


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