Friday, June 7, 2013

No, That's Not Weird At All..........

Our brood lamp hasn't arrived yet. Should be here by Tuesday.
HOWEVER....a peafowl chick finally hatched.
So, I am wearing a smocked top sun dress (with spaghetti straps and really it on zulily!), so, to keep the wee bugger warm, I have wrapped it in a soft piece of fabric and tucked him under the smocked part. That way he is kept warm and I can still get stuff done around the house.
Yes. I have a peachick in my cleavage.
Not weird at it?


  1. Lamb,

    No, not at all.....your just helping the little thing out. Now if you went into a big city, the folks there may have a problem with it :-)

    The peachick is a cutie.

  2. the heat from a regular 60 watt bulb can help keep your baby warm enough. I've used a small aquarium with a desk lamp over it and the babies were fine. I have also been known to wander about with chicks in my cleavage (much to my teenage daughter's embarrassment, lol!)


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