Monday, December 31, 2012

My Last Post....of 2012 !

Welcome to Frippery Farm : Alberto, Alice and Ana!
Who are they?
Check it out:
Alberto (the blond), Alice and Ana, all in a row

Alice has such a sweet face!

Ana checks out the fence

First meal here

Ana (the Diva of the trio) does not like us watching her eat!

We are selling the sheep and some of the peafowl.
I know, we are about to move and should be downsizing.
BUT, if you check the prices of alpaca, you know they are WAY expensive. In most localities the prices START at around $2000!
We got all three for less than HALF that!


  1. Happy New Year, Lamb. BTW, what's it take for a fella to have a link on your list?

    1. I thought you WERE linked! Lemmee try it again...I am so internet-handicapped, it takes me forever to figure this stuff out!

  2. Lamb,
    Happy New Year to You and Yours!
    Beautiful Alpaca, great price too.


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