Monday, August 22, 2011

New Gray Hairs Ahoy!

The kids made it home safely.
There was some question about that happening when The Boy called Friday morning and let us know the plane he had been on had to make an emergency landing in Charlotte, N.C. when their hydraulic systems gave out.
The Boy thought the experience was "way cool", especially when some of the adults freaked out.
He didn't like how bumpy the landing was. He was also disappointed that they did not get to slide off the plane via the emergency chute, but had to disembark the normal way after being towed to the gate.
He got to stay in Charlotte overnight, with an escort provided by the airline. The Darlin' Man has the habit of buying trip insurance, so the overnight stay, his meals and the escort were provided.

Of course, The Boy regaling us with the story of his adventures freaked ME out, as I am a nervous flyer at best.
Flying freaks me out in general, something wrong with the plane would cause me to ramp it up into hysterics. I mean, if I am on a boat and something goes wrong, I know how to swim! If something goes wrong with the plane I am on...well, it's not like you have the option of jumping out with a parachute. BTW, I found out a long time ago that airlines frown on bringing your own parachute on board.
Don't ask how I know that.
The Girls' arrival was much less dramatic. (Thankfully!) There was some drama, as she had made plans to stay up north. Her dad squashed that idea, as he felt staying up there would not be the best choice for her safety or education at this time.
So, there was some drama over that, but agreements and concessions were made on both sides and all ended peacefully.

Today was the first day of the new school year for them both. The bus, of course, didn't show up. So, the Darlin' Man --- who, thankfully, was going in late today --- drove the kids to school.
I have been doing laundry, as both of them came home with the souvenir of dirty laundry from their trips!
I'll be making a big batch of chimmichurri in a bit, and prepping for dinner.
We have embarked on a health kick here, so tonight will be a vegetarian meal.
Black bean and cheese enchiladas will be the entree. Yummmm!
Hope the school year started well for all of you out there!

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  1. Oooo, thanks for the idea! Looks like we're having lentil and goat cheese enchiladas tonight!


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