Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Changes Afoot!

Today my blog changes it name, description and appearance!
The reason for this is sometimes you have to change to grow!
We are, very shortly, incorporating our business (oh...paperwork, gotta love it!) and expanding our livestock herd, along with the products we are and will be producing.
We will be selling locally initially, but within the next few months, we will also have an online store.
All of this came about after the Darlin' Man and I had a conversation about where our efforts were heading and where we wanted them to head.
We even went over various logos for our, was that a funny discussion! (Watch for the new logo within a month...working on the artwork now)
I hope you all like the changes and continue to follow us in this new adventure!
Most of the changes will be apparent later today or tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations and good luck.

  2. Jennie, my header picture is Red, the psychotic rooster AFTER he was dusted. I went back later and got his picture...and I had to take it through the gate, he was still so annoyed with me. Glad you like the new look!

  3. OOOO, new stuff!

    Don't forget to remind me to put your online store on my "Support a Small Business" when it's up & running!

  4. Love the name and the snapshot of Red at the top.

    Beware the rooster. The old saying is that elephants never forget, but I do believe CHICKENS never forget either ...and they hold a grudge.

    Can't wait to see all the new developments!

    : )

  5. Red definitely DOESN'T forget...and he darn sure doesn't forgive, either!


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