Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Goat Baby Pics and Updates!

Six days old today and looking fine and frisky!
Lilac (standing), Liam (laying down)

Liam has a lovely white patch

"Why does everyone laugh at my ears?"

Mama Lily's bar, always open!

Both have a white blaze, but Lilac has those ears!
Yes, Lilac's ears are the cutest, floppiest ears a baby goat ever had!
Lily was a little slow at getting started on nursing her babies, so we put her on the milk-stand when the babies were 2 days old and milked her out and fed the babies colostrum from bottles.
Lily was a perfect lady on the milk stand! However, we sat outside and fed the babies...who eagerly took the bottles!...and Mama Lily got a trifle upset watching us cuddle and feed her babies. We gave the babies back to her and she bathed them and snuggled them. About three hours later I went out to check on them again and Lilac was trying to nurse...Lily stepped away. Lilac tried again. Lily stepped away again. I finally got in the pen and held Lily still while I petted her. Lilac dove in for another try at nursing and Lily didn't step away (Lily LOVES being petted!). Lilac nursed vigorously and Liam decided to join in. Both kids suckled vigorously and Lily stood still for the first time. I had to do this a couple of more times, but eventually, both the kids and Lily caught on and now she nurses her babies just fine, she just needed a little help in learning what to do!
I got a vicious flu virus.Fortunately, we had all the sickroom supplies needed to get me, my son and The Girl through the worst of it.
Remember when I posted about supplies for the Homestead Sickroom?
I forgot one VERY important thing.
When my fever broke, I was drenched in sweat. I felt so icky!
I needed a shower, a good, hot soapy shower!
However, I was so weak and dizzy from being ill that I couldn't stand up for more than a couple of minutes.
My solution was to bring a plastic lawn chair into the shower.
I am definitely adding one of those sturdy but inexpensive shower benches to my sickroom supplies!
They take up so little space and being able to sit down in my shower was wonderful. Thank goodness I had that plastic lawn chair!
When I got over the worst of the "sick" part, I was left with massive bouts of vertigo.
My solution, as I posted last night, was to slice up fresh ginger, simmer it in honey and then can it up.
I get a spoonful of the honey every once in a while or a slice of the ginger to gnaw on. Sometimes I add it to my hot tea.
Also, the ginger honey is an excellent cough syrup and a great soother of sore throats!
So, back on track now! I only had one mild vertigo attack this morning and it passed quickly.
I don't know why ginger works, but it does. I have had friends and relatives use it for vertigo with good results. My mom (now in her 80s!) had severe vertigo and went to the doctor. He prescribed THREE different medications...all of which had side effects, not a good thing for someone that age. After two weeks on the improvement. She was essentially bed ridden.
I told her to get ginger ale made with real ginger, ginger snaps and to add ginger to her diet when-ever possible.
She went back to her doctor, told him what I had suggested and he told her to try it since the medications were having no effect.
Three days after started on ginger, she could get out of bed for a few hours. Three weeks on ginger and all her vertigo was gone.
Her doctor was surprised, but pleased.
My mom now takes a couple of powdered ginger capsules a day to keep away vertigo and snacks on ginger snaps. No vertigo attacks in a year!
Might not work for everyone, but ginger can work!


  1. Glad you're feeling better!

    And those goat ears! I'm telling you I'm going to HAVE to find a Nubian buck for Nettie this fall because I NEED Snubian kids now!!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes!
      And those ears! Goat baby ears are cute...but Lilac has THE biggest, floppiest ears I have ever seen! Cute as can be!

  2. I am so glad to know about ginger for vertigo as I'm experiencing it more often as I get older. Thanks for sharing. And your kids are just the cutest!


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