Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quick Post to Explain My Recent Absence

Sorry I haven't posted for most of a week...
Caught a vicious virus that one of the kids brought home from school. Been horribly sick.
Up on my feet now, though still a bit wobbly.
Have vertigo, which I am treating with ginger. I sliced up about a pints worth of fresh ginger, simmered it in honey and have canned it up.
I gnaw on a slice every now and then or put a couple of slices in a cup of tea.
It seems to be helping.
Longer post tomorrow, hopefully I'll be able to sit up for more than 10 minutes without my head spinning!


  1. Lamb, Oh No having a virus is no fun! I hope you feel better and are back up on your feet soon. Having a virus can knock you down for a while. Keep taking the ginger, sometimes taking vitamin B and calcium will help get rid of the vertigo symptoms. Take care,


  2. Sorry to hear you're so sick. There's been so much ick going around this year. Look forward to hearing you're better & on your feet again.

  3. I have been filling up on oregano oil trying to avoid the snot monkeys that surround me and so far it has been successful :)

  4. Thanks, guys, for the get well wishes! I am about 85% now and feeling MUCH better!

  5. Mary is said to have had a little lamb that followed her to school, and everyone thought it unusual to see a lamb at school. But I had not heard the same story with goats (kids) in it.

    Very unusual.

    Sorry, I have little self control when it comes to punning.


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