Saturday, May 23, 2015

And The Hits Keep On Coming!

So, yesterday afternoon, we came home from a brief trip to town and Nora was in labor!
But the kid got stuck and I had to help deliver by pulling kid. Poor Nora! She is a smallish goat and this was her first kidding, so a really huge buckling was NOT a good idea!
Yes, a buckling and a HUGE one as far as newborn goat kids are concerned!
We named him Windsor.
So, here's the kids that are here:
Otis, son of Nikki, twin of Opal
Opal daughter of Nikki, twin of Otis
Daisy, singlet daughter of Clarabelle
Windsor, huge son of Nora
Nora is being a wonderful mama to her little one. Nikki, not so much. She feeds them, grudgingly, but doesn't snuggle them or stay close to them at night. We may have to pull in the twins at night to keep them warm and supplement their feeding.
Champagne and Lilac still have to kid. Any day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Y-A-W-N...Pulling An All-Nighter....

I am staying up all night tonight.
My girls have FINALLY started kidding!
Nikki was first, around 3 this afternoon:
"I know hay is good, mama, but I want MILK!"

My son holding the wee doeling

Getting photo-bombed by Inky the chicken

Already on their legs and curious!

The little white one is a girl, the black and white one is a boy.
At around 10 pm....Clarabelle had a bouncing baby girl as well! A really lovely doeling. No pictures as of yet, will get some in the morning.
While I was attending to Clarabelle, I noticed Nora scratching here and there in the barn....she is in labor right now. I run to the barn and check on them about every 20 minutes.
I hope the rest of the kidding goes off without a hitch!
See you in the morning!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Again...Waiting! And TV!

None of my girls have kidded yet. All five have bagged up, some more than others, and a couple have the *dear god, I am about to explode* look. (Lilac and Nikki, I'm talking about you!) I think Lilac will kid first.
The last couple of weeks always drives me crazy. I am absolutely certain they will all kid at the same time...probably when I am in the shower. All having complications. Yay! Pessimism rules!
When we moved out here, we discovered the expense of a tv service (satellite or through phone cable in my area) was WAY too high to make it worth it. But, we did get internet.
So, a lot of you-tube and other free stuff. We have a blu-ray player and it gets wifi.
The Darlin' Man finally broke down and got Netflix and HuluPlus. Each runs around $7.99 a month.
I get WAY more than I could ever watch in my lifetime and have discovered shows and movies I never would have found on my cable or satellite package. Plus, a lot of older shows and classic movies.
So, we *cut the cord* as far as tv service is concerned. I don't watch a great deal, but I think what I do watch is better in quality.
Our latest obsession is a British show, "Waking the Dead" which is a police drama. Cold Case + CSI + Law and Order type show. Two episodes of an hour each for each *case*. I think we all like it because you can't figure out who *dunnit* and why they *dunnit* within the first 10 minutes (as you usually can on US police dramas). If you get a chance to watch it, please do! It has nine seasons, so it's going to take us a while to watch them all!
Time to go out and check the goats again....c'mon Lilac, you can do it!
And please, no complications!