Monday, July 7, 2014

The Times, They Are A-Changing....

You'll notice a different look to my blog.
That is where I am moving to. Well, not right on the waterfall in the picture, but a scant 2 miles away.
Yeah. I saw the falls while I was there.
Beautiful, n'cest pas?
Now you know why I am so eager to get there!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tedious Unending Waiting!

The closing process on the house is in full swing and what it mostly entails is..................waiting.
Only 2 or 3 more weeks and we'll be done and can move up.
Still....the waiting is the hardest part! (and how many of you sang that, lol!?)
So packing and waiting, waiting and packing...
A few random thoughts while I wait.....
TV has gone down hill. More and more commercials. Most of them for cars, insurance and shoes.
Why the shoes? I dunno. They show these closets big enough to be a decent sized bedroom FILLED with shelves and shelves of shoes! Who needs that many pair? Why do they have damn near skyscraper height heels?
My shoes: 1 pair Crocs, neon orange, 1 pair tennis shoes--light blue & gray, 1 pair hiking boots--brown, 1 pair dressy flats---black.
All I need. I will get some good winter boots and *muck* boots once I get up North, but other than that, I'm set.
The absolutely RIDICULOUS shoes they show in the commercials I couldn't wear to win a bet!
Yet they hammer away with those commercials, trying to convince each and every female out there that unless she has DOZENS of pairs of shoes she can't really be complete.
I guess if females want to believe that, they deserve all the corns and bunions they get. Also the back-aches and leg cramps.
Political correctness is running wild in this country.
People...get a grip.
I would like to introduce a brand new concept: Common Sense.
Pop Tarts are NOT guns, even if a kid is nibbling on one and it ends up very vaguely resembling one.
Hobby Lobby is not waging war on their female employees and their insurance pays for 16 forms of birth control still. What they did not want to pay for were abortficants, i.e., drugs that cause an abortion of an already existing pregnancy. Big difference.
The only reason liberals are screaming about Hobby Lobby is because they didn't want to pay for abortions and they are a Christian owned company. If it was a Muslim owned company, those idiot liberals would have applauded the decision.
I have come to the conclusion that if someone is a Liberal, they are suffering from a severe mental illness and are to be pitied. And need treatment. Lots and LOTS of treatment.
Especially Liberal women. They are the most strident and the most deluded of all..

My politics? I'm a Libertarian. I advocate freedom and...oh-my-say-it-ain't-so...self responsibility.
Other things annoying me this week...
I got a *smart* phone.
Mainly at the Darlin' Man's insistence.
Took me 2 days to figure out how to actually answer the darn thing.
I was able to download a game. Mah Jong. 
And I can take pictures and video with it. I have figured out how to take pictures. Videos, not so much.
So...back to waiting....

Monday, June 23, 2014

House Update

Okay, here it is.
We got the house! And at over 13 thousand UNDER list price!
I finally called my real estate agent and told her: "Here is my final offer. This is IT. No more negotiations.Not a dime more. If the bank chooses to accept my offer, they better do it fast, because I will withdraw this offer next Tuesday at 5pm, New Hampshire time. Then I will look elsewhere"
I also sent her an email saying the same thing.
I did that last Thursday.
I got a call back Friday around noon.unnel.

My realtor had printed out the email and put it in front of the banker, telling him, "My client is serious. If you think you will get a better price, you are kidding yourself."

The bank agreed.
Closing will take about 30 days. Which means another gawdawful hot July here in El Paso. But at least I can see a blazing light at the end of this tunnel.
So happy!
We are packing carefully. I am going through boxes that the Darlin' Man hasn't unpacked in EIGHT years!
A LOT is going in the trash.
I am going to have a yard sale. There is an amazing amount of stuff I am not going to take.
We are minimizing what we are taking with us. And what we are leaving unpacked until the last minute.
One plate, spoon, knife and fork for each of us. One bowl for each. One glass for each. One saucepan, one frying pan and the big pan that we make tea in. The tea pitcher. A couple of big spoons and pancake turners for cooking. The rest of the kitchen is almost packed.
Most of our clothes are packed. We are each keeping out enough clothes for one week and then washing the clothes we keep out every six days. One towel for each.
I need more boxes for the books...we have sooooo many. And movies. And CDs.
Well, at least I have a month to pack!