Friday, June 10, 2011

The Homestead Sickroom

In all my preps, I never thought about this one...a Sick Room.Not everyone has the space, of course, but if you do, it is a bit silly not to have one.
You see, I was sick this week. I ended up spending most of my time on the couch (really not the best place) and it got me to thinking about what preps to make for a sick room, especially when we get our homestead going.
I have first aid supplies...oh yes. But I don't have designated Sick Room supplies, which is a Bad Thing.
So, I set out this morning accruing supplies for a sick room.
First, a Rubbermaid tote.
I have several of those, with lids. I chose a big blue one.
The first things I want to put in there are those items that deal with some of the more distressing situations.
A sick person may become incontinent, losing control of their bladder or bowels.
According, the first thing will ne a 25 pack of *chuck pads*. (I have no idea why they are called *chucks*)
While I will include an extra set of sheets---possibly two extra sets, the pads are a wonderful thing to have especially in cases of small children and the elderly or for women after childbirth.
I will have to wander over to a local drugstore to get these, but I called around and I can get a pack of 25 for around 8 to 9 dollars, depending on the size I get.
Besides being incontinent, people confined to bed also may have bouts of constipation, particularly if they are on pain medications. So, a good laxative, stool softeners and a Fleets enema and a mineral oil enema will be included.
Some illnesses go the other way, so an anti-diarrheal  such as Imodium goes in the sick room tote.
 The tote can hold plenty, so I am going to get an extra hot water bottle/ice pack to tuck in there.

Some linen spray and some Lysol spray disinfectant, and some lavender sachets to help with sick room smells and to provide a calming effect (lavender is good for that!) .
I'll tuck in a quart bottle of chlorine bleach for sanitizing purposes.
A bottle of hand sanitizer and a big box of tissues.
A bedpan is a good idea, too.
Add a water pitcher and some disposable cups. A box of latex gloves.
A couple of aromatherapy candles in a favorite scent.(Include a lighter or matches)
Now, I have a pretty good first aid kit with bandages and medicines and such, this tote is for the sick room.
A couple of large black trash bags.
Swabs and cotton balls.
Two bottles of rubbing alcohol and one bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
Books and/or puzzle books for entertainment. Coloring books and crayons for kids.
I am still trying to figure out everything to put in the tote, so let me know if you can think of anything I have forgotten!


  1. This is VERY helpful! I was blessed to find a listing on Craigs list last year for free medical supplies. The fellow had been at an auction, bought a crate sight unsean, and was overwhelmed.

    I have splints and Ace bandages, plaster gauze for casts, and a whole lot more. It was just a huge God send.

  2. Great idea! How about adding a few of those plastic mattress covers that you put under the sheets?

  3. Here are a couple of links that might help you out too. "Diarrhea is in fact one of the most common, potentially deadliest, illness that we will see in a SHTF situation. How much do you know about treating it? Think that you can pop an Imodium and be ok? WRONG! In certain situations that one mistake can cost you your life. Here is my take on Diarrhea 101" This lady's blog is very informative and she's just written a book which I've ordered.


  4. Can think of a couple additions: a couple masks to prevent infecting a weak immune system, an electrolyte replacement powder to be added to a water bottle (think Pediasure or Gatorade, an antiemetic, a throw up bucket (as we call them), calming lotion for rash, massage lotion for relieving sick-crazed muscles, .... What else?

  5. GOOD ideas, Lamb I have a new project! I think they might be called 'chuck pads' because you CHUCK THEM after use ...never wash or reuse?

    I think you have a very good start on your Sick Room Tote. I like the idea of adding some simple splints and some ace bandages. Maybe a large stainless steel bowl (think mixing bowl size) for ...well ...a barf bowl? Easier to truly wash and sanitize than plastic and stores well long-term in any temperature. How about one or two standard bed pillows, stored in the vacuum bags so they would be flat and small while not in use. You can get plastic slip covers that go under the pillow case. The pillow cases can be washed to sanitize but the plastic slip covers keep the pillows themselves from being contaminated.

  6. I am thinking ice packs, a suture kit, towels, hand towels and baby wipes.

  7. Amanda, I read her blog and I should have remembered the bit about Imodium as I read M.D. Creekmore's blog as well! So, some Pepto into the tote as well as Imodium (which will be reserved for appropriate use). Also, I have some packets of electrolyte solution that you mix with water and some sealed containers of Pedialyte.
    Carolyn, I hadn't thought of including a mattress protector or two! Thanks! Adding that to list as I don't have any extra laying around.
    Kris, WOW! A blessing indeed!

  8. Gayle, great ideas! I have masks, so I can toss some in the tote.Lotions for dry itchy skin will definitely have to go in as well.
    WWRWH, I hadn't thought of pillows. Guess I will have to pick up some of those bags the next time I walk past the *As Seen On TV* rack at Walgreens!The pillow protectors are an excellent idea, too.
    Karen, I have ice packs and hot water bottle stuff. I keep medical supplies, such as suture kits, et al, in my first aid cabinet. But some towels would be a great idea. A package of baby wipes, and since you got me thinking down those lines, a bottle of baby wash. It is so gentle and they have a soothing lavender scented one now.I'll add some baby wash cloths, actually, I'll probably make some. The fine soft terry you use for them is easier on the skin as well.

  9. The chuck pads are a good idea.


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