Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Last "Lady-In-Waiting"

One doe left to kid...
Nina, friendly to all people doe!
She is obviously getting closer...

Look at that belly!
She has bagged up a little, not a lot!
Nina is due the first week in April, so we have moved her over to the milking does pen, which also doubles as our birthing pen. Currently the pen is occupied by Lily and her twins; Liam and Lilac.
Nina had started bullying Lily during Lily's last month of pregnancy, so we put Nina in with Gabby, her twins and Champagne. In the evening, we move our milking does (currently Gabby and Champagne) into the milking doe/birthing pen.
Nina has apparently had a change of heart about bullying. She and Lily are all BFFs again and Nina has even been very gentle around Liam and Lilac.
Or maybe it is just because Nina is soooo tired...
Nina, pooped from a day of standing around, browsing and...laying around.
Yeah, poor Nina is tired and so ready to kid.


  1. I so remember that feeling! Looking forward to seeing the new kid on the block.

    1. Rozy, I feel so sorry for my does when they are in the last week or two of pregnancy because I remember that feeling, too! Poor Nina looks like she just wants to get it done and over with NOW.


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