Thursday, December 17, 2015

What About Honesty?

Are you honest?
How far does your honesty go?
Not just NOT telling lies, but telling truths that may not be welcomed by those that hear them.
Would you tell a stranger; "Watch out, there's a snake around that corner?" or do you think they should figure it out for themselves?
Would you tell a friend "Hey, your spouse is cheating on you!" or do you stay silent and hope it will sort itself out....somehow?
Should our government tell us the truth? "Hey, we bombed a hospital and we screwed up and we're really sorry, but shit happens. Somebody's ass will be in a sling for this" Or should they cover it up?
Oh...speaking of hard truths...
Homeland security yesterday issued a new Terrorism Advisory.
Among other things, it states :
"DHS and the FBI are providing additional guidance to state and local partners on increased security measures.  The public should expect an increased presence of law enforcement across communities in the weeks ahead. More stringent security should also be anticipated at public places and events. This may include a heavy police presence, additional restrictions and searches on bags and the use of screening technologies."
So, if you are in someplace public...
"Expect increased security across most U.S. cities and plan ahead to anticipate delays and restricted/prohibited items.In populated places, be responsible for your personal safety. Make a mental note of emergency exits and locations of the nearest security personnel. Keep cell phones in your pockets instead of bags or on tables so you don’t lose them during an incident. Carry emergency contact details and any special needs info with you at all times."

Sounds like they want us to know there is a snake around the corner, doesn't it?
I high-lighted the *populated places* thing for a purpose.
"Be responsible for your personal safety"
Read that over a few times, folks. Say it out loud. LOUDER. Tell your kids, tell your spouse, tell your friends and family. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY.
Smartest phrase to come out of a government office in a long damn time!
Can you legally conceal or open carry where you live?
Do it.
If you can't, make sure you have some sort of defensive weapon on you.
Stay away from highly populated areas, if you can. (So glad I am in a rural area!)
Errands in town? Get and go and get back home.
With that one phrase, the government is letting you know that YOU are not going to be protected by them. YOU have to see to your own safety and to that of your family.
Someone in the government went for a little honesty and stuck that phrase in there. you warn about the snake around the corner?

That's it for today...
Tomorrow...a different kind of snake warning....

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