Monday, December 21, 2015

Back to Basics...Prepping YOURSELF

Okay, now back to where I am supposed to be (mentally, anyway).
Right now I have two pressing needs:
New glasses and new dentures.
The glasses will come first.
Eye exams are NOT cheap.
I will be going to one of the "Wally World" walk-in exam places. Around here, the eye exam is about $60. Not TOO bad. More than I would like to pay, but my last eye exam was over 8 years ago, so this is something I have to get done ASAP.
Now, the places you get your eye exam also like to sell you over priced frames and lenses. The "2 for 1" deals they push frequently come with a price tag over $250.,...more than that if you require bifocals or trifocals or any special treatments to the lens.So, I will tell them to give me my prescription so I can *shop around* and get the best deal for my money.
A few years ago, a friend clued me into Zenni Optical. Their glasses start at $6.95.
That's WITH prescription lens!
Delights my frugal little heart!!!
I have talked to several people that got glasses from them and all were pleased with their purchases.
Zenni has plastic frames, wire frames, frameless...every style you can think of. Mens, womens and kids! Also, varied lens, too. And sunglasses!
So, here's the link:
Go and browse to your hearts content!
I plan on ordering 3 to 4 pair in January. ALWAYS have a back up! They sell prescription lens sport goggles, as well. Might be good to wear while in the shop or hunting, etc. I may even get a pair later on.
There are other places online, but Zenni seems to have a darn good reputation, so I will probably go with them.
Next time: Saving money on dentures and dental care

Personal Health Update:
I am doing well. Have gone from 7 prescriptions down to 3 (not counting the low dose aspirin)
Walking 2 miles a day.
Was wearing a women's size 22 back at the first of July, just put on a size 16...and they are too big for me! Have lost almost 70 pounds now.


  1. god damned glad to see you starting to take care of yourself.How long do I have to wait for naked pictures? ha ha ha ha ha

    1. 30 more pounds, Rat baby, and I *might* post a good picture. But naked would be too much for you mere mortals to handle, so I will probably go for a nice dress, lol!

  2. I don't have teeth or dentures and I don't miss either. I especially don't miss those fucking teeth.


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