Saturday, December 12, 2015

Are You Standing Up or Sitting Down?

During this political season we are in, it seems that a lot of folks are "sitting it out" instead of "standing up and being counted" for the candidate/party/issue of their choice.
Look, I know that most folks think their vote counts for nothing.
Or that candidates are SE-lected, not E-lected.
Look, I'm right there with you.
Still, we have to let the candidates and parties and our neighbors and our communities know where we stand!
If they don't know what is important to us, then they will continue on ignoring the majority of the citizens of this country.
Look, the MAJORITY of people in this country want to keep their guns.
The MAJORITY wants to stop seeing U.S. jobs going overseas.
The MAJORITY wants to see military veterans get decent health care.
The MAJORITY wants illegal immigration stopped.
The MAJORITY wants GMO labeling.
The MAJORITY wants us to stop getting involved in wars that are only waged to keep the oil flowing into the U.S. from the Middle East.
The MAJORITY is damn sick and tired of corporate cronyism papering the halls of Congress with massive amounts of money to sway the votes of OUR elected representatives.
The MAJORITY wants to see term limits on Congressmen and Senators. Some of those bastards have been in D.C. 40+ years! They have no freakin' grasp on how tough it is to make a living these days!

I wish we could do like they do in other countries and do a vote of "No Confidence" and force immediate elections.
But, barring that, we need to do SOMETHING!
email your Congress Critter. Get their email address here:
email your Senator:
contact the White House (although I doubt they will be happy to hear from mere citizens):

Whatever state you are in MAKE SOME NOISE!!!
Support local farmers. Get your local representative to enter state bills legalizing marijuana, raw milk, whatever you think should be legal!
Write, email and call your Governor.
Bring it down to your local level, too.
Attend City Council meetings, school board meetings, GET INVOLVED!Find out where the hell they are spending your tax dollars. Join a *watch dog* committee that keeps an eye on local police or whatever else concerns you in your town.
Too damn many of us are just sitting down instead of standing up for what we believe in and what is important to us.

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  1. Very very good! thanks for posting this.


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