Friday, December 4, 2015

Well, That Escalated Quickly...

Forget the personal ad. Taking it down. So many fakes and scammers out there it is unbelievable!
So, on to other things..
Got my medications refilled. OUCH! Even with generics, the price was such that I decided to pass on one of the meds. Called my cardio doc in NH and he said I should be okay as it was the medication he planned on discontinuing for me after about 2 months anyway. Feeling pretty good, taking long walks every day and watching my diet.
Getting ready to rearrange my room here. I can't repaint it, but I do plan to make some curtains to brighten it up. I am going to be here for a while and Tina says I might as well get comfortable!
Now that I have a decent computer to work on, I am going to blog more, start applying for farming grants, possibly take some classes online. I found a few places I can take classes online for free, so that's a good thing!
I am also going to work on my artistic side a bit more. Maybe even sell a few paintings on here!
And on to preparedness...
It is difficult to *prep* when you live in someone else's home. I can advise Tina and Bill on prepping, but, like me, they live on a limited budget. We also live in a very remote area and it is approximately 40 miles from anyplace where you can buy in bulk, etc. I did have the bliss the other day of going into Joplin and going by Fox Farms grocery...they have organic and non-GMO foods and plenty of health foods I am used to having, so I was absolutely delighted...and spent too much! But, I got my raw organic honey, my flax seed and my farina. Plus a few other goodies. Cold pressed coconut oil, black currant juice, himalayan pink salt....all the stuff that was basics in my pantry back in New Hampshire. And some teas...I love my tea in the morning!

So...trying to figure out how to *prep* when I have very little budget to prep and even less room.
I already have a *bug out bag*, so I guess that will be the first thing I do. It is currently empty, so I guess I have to buy and/or find all the supplies I need to put in it.
What's in YOUR bug out bag?
Any suggestions on what to put in mine (other than my medications)?


  1. Glad to hear you have quit the online serial killer search! Pick up a guy at grocery store like we used to in the old days. I spent 8 months once sleeping under my pickup truck! Would dig out a ditch, pull the truck over it, crawl under and get in the ditch and let the engine and transmission heat keep me warm for the first 4 hours! I tried sleeping in the cab but I am way to big and have way to bad a back for that to work. Finally got a camper shell to put on the truck and felt like a home owner! Built a frame and put a mattress in there sideways with storage underneath. Supported myself fixing stuff I got at the dump and selling it at the flea market on weekends. Never worried about paint or curtains! HINT! Thing is I never figured I had it all that bad. Just going through a rough patch was all. It's all about attitude! If you don't think you got it bad, then you don't. Just something to think about. your friend , the rat

    1. Oh, it could be much worse! I know that for sure. Lived in a tent for six months about 10 years ago. Winter sucked pretty bad. I think I'm gonna swear off men from here on out. All the decent ones are married, gay or dead. I can always buy more batteries.

    2. soon as you swear off, your knight in shining armor will come riding up! wait and see! ha ha ha

  2. I have met very nice guys online. Of course, there were the idiots I never bothered to meet.

  3. "What's in YOUR bug out bag?"

    It is a big chest in the bed of my truck and has a lot of stuff, including gun powder.


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