Saturday, November 28, 2015

Well, Putting Myself Out There...

Some friends convinced me to put up a profile on a couple of dating sites. I did one while I was still in New Hampshire and I have done another one since I moved down here.
Well, I went on one date with one guy while in New Hampshire and that crashed and burned!
Then I had the heart attack and, well, life changed for me.
But, I went ahead and put up a profile at this free dating site, just to see what was out there.
I have gotten over 200 responses to each profile, but have only talked to 2 guys (on the second site) that seem:
1) Normal. Or at least semi-normal.
2) Intelligent.
3) Have a decent sense of humor.
4) Want a monogamous relationship.

It IS that bad out there, I guess.

Look, I'm not perfect myself, but I am still going to be a bit picky, dammit.

Here's part of my profile on one of the sites:

Currently in Missouri, but thinking of moving....somewhere next Spring. I have lived in 13 countries and 39 states (so far). Army brat.
Most recently lived in New Hampshire and LOVED it, but had to move for a bit due to a business break up and a health issue. (Had a heart attack. All better now, but it was an interesting experience)

Crunchy granola back to the land type broad.
Irish and Scottish, heavy on the Irish! Hazel eyes, red hair. Yes, it is going gray, but I dye it as I am going into old age kicking and screaming.
Despite the heart attack, I am pretty active and I have to get my cardio in every day anyway. Enjoy the outdoors, except when it is really hot. Irish skin burns FAST!
I wear glasses, it keeps me from walking into walls and tripping over furniture...most of the time. The klutz gene runs strong in my family, lol!
I also have dentures. Sad, but true, so I deal with it.
Seven grown children, one grandson.

Impressive skill set. Prepping, food storage, sewing, quilting, crafts, livestock tending, dairy...including milking, cheese making, etc., gardening, butchering, canning, etc.

Not doing this to play or hook up for a one night stand. Looking for a partner that understands honor, loyalty, honesty and respect.
I still believe in romance. But I know you don't quit being romantic even if you find "the one". Relationships need to be tended to and nurtured, otherwise they wither and die.
Physical intimacy is just as important as emotional connection.

I value intelligence, humor and loyalty as the three most important things in a partner. All equally. Anytime I had a partner that lacked one of these (or gods forbid, all three attributes), it ended in an absolute disaster. Besides, a big brainpan is a turn on, right?

What do you think?  There's more, of course. The site asks for your favorite movies and books, etc.
Also asks you what type of man you are looking for, stuff like that.
If you think I should change it a bit, let me know. Yes, I have pictures up. No naughty ones, though!
Or, if you know a decent him this!


  1. Hi Lamb!

    I remember you from Bison. I was born and raised in Springfield, Mo., I live in Germany now.
    I have a friend that tried the internet dating thing, it didn't work out for him.Sorry, I don't know any decent guys. Good luck, it's scary out there.
    Missouri isn't a bad place to live if you have good friends living there, you might want to stay, at least you would have some help if you needed it.

    take care Jeff

  2. It's none of my business Lamb but your profile reads more like a job application. All that shit is supposed to be revealed along the way, not up front. A guy should know you quite a while before your "skill set" becomes a topic of conversation. Also, 7 grown children! You could wait awhile before bringing that up! Are you looking for a man or a job? A fulltime man or a part time hard on? Rethink some of this shit Lamb! You deserve to be happy. I am your friend. I say this because I care about you!

    1. Well, damn, Rat...I don't know how to write one of these damn things! Am I supposed to say something about "long walks on the beach" and freakin' pina coladas? Maybe I should just make it a job application, lol! I don't need the part time hard on, vibrators are cheap. Batteries can get a little pricey, though...
      Honestly, I don't know if there are any decent guys left out there.

    2. If you like long walks on the beach then yes! say so. If you prefer budweiser over pina coladas then say so! Dating sites should be about romance not working on the farm! That's all I'm saying. My Mrs. was married 3 times before she met me. I was married twice before she came along. Next month will mark 22 years of marriage together! By the time we met, we were both tired of the phony bullshit! We have been honest with each other from day one and it worked for us! No fantasy nonsense, just genuine real feelings. I hope you can find what me and the Mrs. have!

  3. be careful you don't hook up with my ex. even though he is remarried, he posts on sites like this as if he was single.


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