Sunday, December 6, 2015

Taking Inventory

The first thing anyone should do to get into preparedness is take stock of what they already have.
In my case, not much!
I have my van.
(Everything below was in said van for my cross country trek)
Clothing. Some of it well-worn, true, but still serviceable,( if only as quilt pieces.)
A coffee can full of assorted nuts, bolts, nails and zip-ties. (Why I have that, I have NO clue!)
Around 200 to 250 books. (mostly on homesteading, livestock and gardening)
Four blankets
A couple of pillows
Assorted kitchen items, including a Dutch Oven and a half dozen water bottles.
My dog
A decent North Face back-pack (with camel-back water bladder)
A couple of pocket knives.
One artists canvas, unpainted.
One framed painting I had already done
A dozen or so unpainted slate roofing tiles I brought along
A tote full of fabric and a couple of unfinished quilts
My sewing machine
Assorted sewing needs such as thread, needles, embroidery yarn, etc.
My notebooks...full of farming plans and notes, ideas, sketches, etc
So, that's it. All my worldly goods, so to speak.
I haven't completely cleaned out the van, so there may be some surprises in there yet.
So, here is how I am starting out (again), folks!
I have had less, so it is not that depressing.

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  1. "A coffee can full of assorted nuts, bolts, nails and zip-ties. (Why I have that, I have NO clue!)"

    If things go to hell you will get a clue, if you have tools. As a retired master mechanic bolts and nuts and washers are very important to me cuz I still do my own repairs and help friends with their keep their rigs running..


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