Saturday, November 21, 2015

Plans For The Future

Okay, here we go...
While my friends are kind enough to let me stay here for a few months to *get my shit together*, I need to make plans on what comes next in my life...and there is still a hell of a lot of life left in me!


1) Save up money from the payments the ex is sending me, rent my own place here and get a job (probably cashier or fast food, etc) and go on that way.

2) Go back to school on grants and such and be the oldest vet tech or A.I. tech around.

3) Convince Brad Pitt to leave Angelina and...well, nevermind, THAT'S not gonna happen!

4) Find a farming job somewhere.

5) Hire myself out as an independent *consultant* for folks setting up homesteads and/or  organic/sustainable small farms. Might involve travel, but I am okay with that. I can also set up long term food storage and the like.

6) Buy lottery tickets and hope for a big win.

7) Find a cheap piece of land in the Ozarks to buy on payments and scratch out a living on it.

I am bouncing all the various pros and cons around in my head right now of the realistic options.
If you dear readers have any other ideas, go ahead and post them, too!
Or, give your opinion of the options I already posted. (Well, except for 3 & 5, lol!)

1 comment:

  1. If I had my life to live over, I would live in a van and support myself as a janitor working at night when the world is asleep. I could listen to my music while I worked and wouldn't have to put up with much. I also considered dish washing and busing tables. I could get one meal a day, may two! and once again not have to deal with people much. Spend my days at the beach or the library. I am boring , I know. Brad is not available but you could go on the prowl for a rich man! ha ha ha A lonely rich sexually repressed and horny man who would fall for you and your "charms". ha ha ha ha have a happy and a good life no matter what you choose to do! You deserve it! I will say that again. YOU DESERVE IT!


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