Monday, August 24, 2015

What I Am Doing

As I write this, I am sitting in a kitchen chair with my friend, Timi, coloring my hair. She trained as a professional hairdresser and it was her profession for several years. I am fighting gray hair kicking and screaming, lol!
I went to the local drug store and looked at the make-up with the idea of getting some foundation.
They had so many different kinds. I remember when the big choice was Maybelline or Cover Girl!
Now one brand will have six different kinds ...ones that supposedly "lift" your face, ones that "blur" your wrinkles, ones that minimize pores, ones that make you look like your face was air-brushed and on and on.....
After about twenty minutes of utter confusion, I left the store with no make-up.
Had an "I need an adult" moment there, lol!
It's just been so damn long since I fixed myself up. At least six or seven years.I do have some eyeliner and shadow, mascara and lipstick. Really all I ever used.
I haven't had anyone else color my hair since my thirties! And she is going to put in highlights!
I have somewhere to go tonight and I want to look nice. I hope my hair looks good when all this is over.
In therapy, I've learned that just about everyone lives by a "personal mantra". For some, it is "What's in it for me?" Or "Can I get away with this?" (We've all met those, haven't we?) Our mantras change over our lives and he figures it is about time that whatever mine is, it may be high time to change it.
I know mine used to be "Everything for the kids!" I rarely did anything for myself. then it was "What will so and so think?" Depending on who was in my life, who I was trying to get along with, etc.
Now, I am a bit at a loss.
But I have been thinking about it, even dreaming about it.
And, I think I have come up with one. I'll try it on for a few days and see how it goes.
I'll let you know .

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  1. I used to be embarrassed about my scars. I have lots. Then I realized that each one had a story. Each one represented something I had survived. Each one added together are a big part of my life. Now I don't care about them any more. I wear them with acceptance. They are like mile markers to remind me of where I've been and to be more careful! ha ha ha ha Get a picture posted of your new do!


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