Sunday, August 23, 2015

Working On Myself

I think the most important part of the whole journey is working on myself.
A difficult task, but somebody has to do it!
Self examination is never easy. Neither is healing. Things get under your skin and itch.
You try to ignore them, but they keep boiling up to the surface.
So, I have been confronting the things that bother me the most. Some things I have never spoken about, some that I never thought were a big deal...but apparently were, if they are still bothering me!
I have a friend I can talk to these things about.I have online friends that I can talk to.
And, I write in a journal or here.
All this helps.
I also have an inner dialogue happening.
Sometimes I end up arguing with myself, lol!
Things are getting better, day by day.
I am learning things about myself. I am unlearning some long held beliefs about myself and about others.
I think it will all be worth it.


  1. Hard stuff, what you're doing. Most folks find it easier to just shut their eyes & pretend everything is fine. Sometimes I wonder if ignorance is bliss, but I like who I am now. Once you throw out al the hidden garbage inside, you'll feel amazing & so much lighter.
    Much love to you hun :)

  2. It is extremely difficult to learn that your happiness cannot be left up to someone else. good luck with your "housekeeping".


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