Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Kids Are Alright....

Took a few pictures this morning!
Left to right, Miles, Daisy, Windsor

Champagne telling her kid(s) "Come on already! Get out!"



Marlow getting a snack

Miles wandering

Mambo keeping watch over *his* flock

Otis sneaking amount the *grown-ups*


Windsor, posing pretty.
Some of you may remember Opal, Otis' sister.
Don't worry, Opal is alive and well.
But no longer living in the barnyard!
Just waking up from a *beauty nap*

Ready for my close up!
Opals' mama, Nikki, stopped feeding her, wouldn't snuggle her to keep her warm, and in fact, kicked the poor wee kid away. So, I brought her in the house. My younger son is raising her and she is a demanding kid! Bottle feedings round the clock to get her weight up. Keeping her snuggled and warm while she sleeps.
Opal is our little Princess Opal now!
Still waiting on Champagne to kid. I hope it won't be too much longer!

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  1. Keeping you busy, they're adorable. I'd say poor Oapl but it looks like she got the better end of the deal. 24/7 maid service ;)
    Love your header pic too btw,so pretty.


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