Friday, June 5, 2015

Grow Up!

Recently it seems that full grown  adults on the internet, and in particular, on blogger, have been behaving like rude children.
They go to one anothers'  blogs, make rude remarks....shots across the bow, so to speak, then get all butt hurt when they get a shot across their bow.
Then there are blog posts or sniping in comments, etc. These are NOT kids. They are 50+ !!!
Then over to other blogs to draw others in.
Children, please!

I like many blogs I read. Otherwise I wouldn't read them!
Some I read for the humor, some I read for the information, others because they are so darn interesting.
I consider some of the bloggers on here as *friends*. I have actually met a few of them in real life.
I read more than I have listed, as I sometimes blog bounce from one listed blog to one they have listed, etc.
I won't choose sides. I'll just keep on reading what I enjoy.
So, for pitys' sake, Grow the hell up!


  1. Just like on FB, it seems that hiding behind a computer screen causes a lot of people to behave badly. I have little respect for those unwilling to cuss me out face to face. Unfortunately, I think that this new-found ability to behave badly online will eventually (if it hasn't already) lead to getting up the nerve to behave badly in real life.

    1. I know. My thing is, I confront people head on and damn the consequences! If I don't say it to someones face, then I am not going to say it at all.


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