Saturday, May 23, 2015

And The Hits Keep On Coming!

So, yesterday afternoon, we came home from a brief trip to town and Nora was in labor!
But the kid got stuck and I had to help deliver by pulling kid. Poor Nora! She is a smallish goat and this was her first kidding, so a really huge buckling was NOT a good idea!
Yes, a buckling and a HUGE one as far as newborn goat kids are concerned!
We named him Windsor.
So, here's the kids that are here:
Otis, son of Nikki, twin of Opal
Opal daughter of Nikki, twin of Otis
Daisy, singlet daughter of Clarabelle
Windsor, huge son of Nora
Nora is being a wonderful mama to her little one. Nikki, not so much. She feeds them, grudgingly, but doesn't snuggle them or stay close to them at night. We may have to pull in the twins at night to keep them warm and supplement their feeding.
Champagne and Lilac still have to kid. Any day!

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  1. They're adorable and yes......Windsor is a biggie.


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