Friday, January 9, 2015

You Might Be a Prepper...

Over at The Organic Prepper they had these lists....sorta embarrassed/proud that I qualified....REALLY qualified to be called a "Crazy Prepper"!
You might be a crazy prepper...
More signs you might be a crazy prepper... YOU qualify?


  1. You already knew I was crazy and yes, I do prepare for "a rainy day". It is the people who don't plan ahead who should be called crazy. good post!

  2. I haven't gotten a cow yet myself. Waiting for the horses to die off first.

  3. Hey Gwen, I am happy to see you are now at home and not in hELlpaso. I have moved to Northern CA. (Humboldt) and having a great time. Winter here is unusually warm this year and last. Today is in the 60's. We are supposed to be getting rain later in the week. Have you talked the man into any other color other than Navajo white? Your link says that I live in Eureka, but I am halfway between Arcata & Bluelake.


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