Monday, January 19, 2015

Chickens in the House? Sure, Why Not?!?

We had some cold days and nights. One night it got down to -33. The chickens and ducks were NOT happy out in the unheated garage.
Tarps on floor, hay on tarps.
Cab moved, but Inky looked lovely!
The chickens and ducks are pretty content inside. However, I neglected to tell the Dalin' Man we had taken over the room that has the access door for the basement so the chickens would have a warm place. the middle of the night, he decided to go check on the furnace. He didn't turn on the light. He was surprised, the chickens were outraged, lol! Everyone recovered nicely.
And it is snowing again, but it is warmer today!
Mailbox and snow, getting a little art-y!
The road out front.

I intended to drive down to Littleton today, but with a winter storm watch going on, I decided it was best to hang around the homestead today.
So...a day of cleaning, doing stuff around the house and maybe even some sewing (if I'm lucky).

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