Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A-n-n-n-n-n-d It's Winter!

Colebrook, NH (03576) Weather

7:45 am EST
Weather Condition Icon
-10°F Feels Like -33°
Partly Cloudy
Dangerous wind chills. Outdoor exposure should be limited.

Wind WNW 16 mph gusts to 24 mph
Humidity  69%

Yup. It's cold.
The chickens and ducks are now in cages in the downstairs mud room.
I am running around putting plastic sheeting on any and all windows that got left out in late Autumn.
We got our furnace running. It's at a minimal level, but it IS running. The downstairs is much more comfortable, and that, in turn, makes the upstairs (where we are) much cozier. Good Thing!
New Water heater installed and running well.
Bundle up and stay warm!


  1. Lamb,

    Keep warm sweetie! I know it gets down right cold up there.

  2. Glad to hear the inside is running a bit warmer, especially with the outside being so frigid. Take care of yourselves!

  3. Hi! Lamb, I came by for a visit! Boy it is cold here! It will hit 70 degrees in Laughlin, Nevada today but the wind will be blowing around 35mph so.........We actually had snow flurries last week so I for one am glad things are back to normal here. Glad you are enjoying your "winter wonderland". You sound happy! Good for you! Stay warm and snuggle! ha ha ha

  4. I live in Exeter, NH and was just telling the hubby last night that I was glad we didn't live in Colebrook.Too darn cold. It is in the low teens and snowing here. Stay warm!


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