Monday, November 10, 2014

Walking In A Winter Wonderland.....

The other day, I woke up to THIS:

It looked magical!
Not a lot of snow, but more than we were used to in El Paso. And, I swear, it sparkled ! Faerie snow!
The alpacas loved it. The goats were not happy, particularly the ones that had never seen snow! The ducks were first they tried to run around and catch the snowflakes, lol! I think they thought it was popcorn or something.
I am currently awaiting my seed catalogs and planning the gardens and such. Also looking for a buck to breed the does so we will have spring kids and milk!

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  1. Lamb,

    Beautiful pictures! I love snow when it's just a dusting, and not 15 inches to shovel. Glad to hear your animals are adjusting to the snow and their new home.

    I've received only one catalog so far, I know more will be coming, and like you I'm already planning my garden for spring.

    Stay warm!


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