Sunday, November 2, 2014

So.....Now What?

Land, check.
House, check.
Livestock, check...sorta. Need more chickens! And a cow. Maybe a sheep. A couple pigs.
Now what?
I have everything a budding homesteader could need (well, seed catalogs are in the mail!), now what do I do with it all?
Now, the Darlin' Man and I could just live our lives, prep, garden, etc., just for ourselves. And our kids. (Between the two of us, we have 10 offspring!)
So...discussion, discussion, discussion betwixt the two of us since he arrived.
Both of us have volunteered for non-profits before, and/or did charity work. I started a non-profit when I lived in Asheville, NC.
Neither one of us want to delve into the red tape rigamarole required by federal/state/local governments to start/run a non-profit entity.
But....we both want to combine our love of homesteading and prepping with something that will benefit others unable to have a homestead.
Took a lot of thought....some research...okay, a lot of research....and some more thought...and talking to folks in the area, but we think we finally have an idea!
Here we go:
We have a large elderly population in our area, also many veterans. Also, a fair share of disabled (both veteran and civilian).
We would like to put in some handicapped accessible greenhouses (walipinis, really) and/or hoop houses and redo our downstairs kitchen as a *communal cottage kitchen* for large scale canning, cheese making, etc.
I could give classes on cheese making and canning for minimal fees, and we could allow disabled/elderly/veteran folks from the area use of one or two of the greenhouses/hoop houses. There are private grants out there that could help with this and/or we could attempt to crowd source funds.
There is currently nothing like this in our area...or in the entire state, as far as we could find out. Yes, we looked at insurance regulations and they are doable.
I plan on putting in a shop downstairs, so participants could sell produce, craft items, etc. that they raised or made themselves.
We are still *fleshing out* the idea and finding out the details of the cottage laws in New Hampshire, etc.
Still....we like the idea.
Thoughts? Ideas? 


  1. That is so sweet & such a good idea. Best of luck.

  2. as a disabled veteran myself, I like to garden. I don't feel up to much but what little I do , I enjoy! just providing a place for us to go and visit is very nice indeed! When you get further along, contact the Veteran's Administration and tell them about your activities. They are good folks for the most part and would help in many ways.

  3. Wonderful!

    I'm sure that you thoughtful generosity will be warmly welcomed. Can't wait to follow this exciting journey :)

  4. I would like to have seen you in the bandana halter top and hip huggers! ha ha ha You could have been one of my ex-wives! ha ha ha ha ha

    1. I'll try to find an old picture to post one day, lol!

  5. As an almost elderly person of 69 I think you have an excellent idea. I am in excellent health, work in the yard (3/4 AC) and care for my home and do many things for myself, by myslef, but find I just don't have the stamina to hold up to the physical requirments for homesteading. I want to be more self reliant and I think that for disabled/veteran/elderly a group setting would be most helpful and encouraging and everyone could be supportive of each other. Good luck in this endeavor if this is what you choose to do. It appeals to me even though I live too far away to participate.

    1. My Darlin" Man worked with soldiers coming back from deployments and saw many that were leaving the military because of injuries and/or PTSD. He, too, sees the benefits of the group setting in helping them heal.

  6. Fabulous idea: helping others to be more self-sufficient, to work within their abilities, and provide for themselves. All the best to you as you pursue this idea. Keep us posted.

  7. Lamb,

    I can imagine it's getting pretty cold up there right now.
    What a great idea, I think you and your husband should go for it.

    1. I can deal with the cold! It's heat that I can't stand!


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