Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Opinionated Me....

I get questions once in a while from folks that want my opinion on current events, politics, etc.
I figured I would give my opinion on a few things, even though this is primarily a farming/homesteader blog.
Sooo...in no particular order, here are my opinions, for whatever they are worth.
1) Ebola: Not much of an issue. Unless you are in one of five countries in West Africa or you are medical staff caring for ebola patients or you have a family member with ebola or you handle the bodies of deceased ebola patients, you don't have anything to worry about. Quit stressing.

2) The recent mid-term elections. Yes, I vote. I tend to vote for the person, not the party. In politics, I guess you'd call me a libertarian. Still, the election basically showed that people in this country are pissed off at the current administration. Good or bad, we'll all have to live with it.

3) ISIS, IS, Islamic Caliphate...whatever the hell they are being called this week. They are savages and not quite able to be considered *civilized* in any sense of the word. Then again, I feel that way about ALL Muslims.
Before anyone gets in a snit and calls me a bigot/racist/Islamaphobe/whatever, here is my reason:
If you are a Muslim, have a "live and let live" opinion of Islam, support Islam in ANY way, shape or form,
you condone or approve/support  pedophilia and child molestation. No way around it. Even the fabled "moderate" Muslims (that are more elusive to find than unicorns) approve of pedophilia.
Here's why: One of Mohammed's wives was (by Muslims accounts and the Koran) either as young as 6 or as old as 12 when he took her as his wife. He was 50. She was a CHILD. He had SEX with her.
If that doesn't disgust you, nothing will. I do not care if Mohammed was a *prophet*, performed miracles, helped Santa, gave birth to the Great Pumpkin or whatever is claimed by his followers, HE WAS A PEDOPHILE.For me, that negates any positive thing anyone could say about him. And makes the entire Koran a bogus *sacred* writing.
If you still feel Islam is okay, take your daughter or granddaughter, niece or whatever young girl you care for that is no older than 12 nor younger than 6 and give that child to a 50 year old man to sexually molest. Still feel good about Islam?
Remember, any politician that *makes nice* with Muslims or praises them supports pedophilia.
That is my opinion and it will never change.

4) Kim Kardasian's *break the internet* nude pics. Why anyone asked about this, I don't have a freakin' clue. Also *Mama June* dating a sex offender that went to jail for molesting her older daughter.
Reality t.v.? Really? REALLY?
My opinion is these people should: Just. Go. Away. They are classless and clueless. Never watched this garbage. Never will. Wait...I saw part of one Honey Boo Boo episode where they were making *'sketti*.

As for Kim K., I honestly think her mother should have been arrested for pandering/pimping when those girls were younger. She pimped them out to rap stars and the NBA as sex partners. Disgusting woman.

5) Gay marriage. Why is this a problem? Two consenting adults that love each other want to get married. Let them. Crap, the government should not be in the marriage business, anyway. When did the government get in the marriage business, anyhow? Gonna have to do some research on that. Betcha' it has something to do with taxes or fees charged. Anyway, what two consenting adults do in their bedrooms and private lives doesn't affect me and mine. I do have gay/lesbian people in my family and friends. None of them are attracted to children (most pedophiles self-identify as straight, anyway, even if their preferred victim is of the same gender), none of them want to force their views on anyone. So, if you don't like gay/lesbian marriage, don't marry one. Problem solved.

To round up and bring it to a close so I can go feed the animals and run to town to get a few things...
GMO foods are bad for you, the environment, etc. Support GMO labeling. Ban GMOs where you can.
Marijuana should be legalized and taxed. Cultivation of hemp should be encouraged. The products made from hemp (rope, fabric, biodiesel, etc.) are myriad.
Immigration should have better controls. Protect our borders. (I know, this goes against the libertarian view, but, crap, nobody is perfect)
Abortion is murder. (Again, against libertarian viewpoint) After having 7 kids, I simply can't understand how any woman can have a growing separate life ripped from her body. "Woman's right to choose", blah, blah, blah and all that. What about the father's rights? The baby's rights? People seem to forget there are more people in the equation than just the woman.

Now that I have pissed off more than a few people (I suspect), I'm off to do chores.


  1. I pretty much agree with you on everything, except the Muslim part. I do happen to know a few young Muslims who don't think that way. They see the flaws in their religion. I lean more toward the side that hopes the younger generations can influence the older, or at least nullify it's effects in the future.
    That being said, pandering to any religion is wrong & this country is becoming tolerant to the point of excess.

  2. Tina...sorry, but if they are Muslim and "follow the prophet" as they are directed to by their faith THEY CONDONE PEDOPHILIA AND CHILD MOLESTATION. Simple as that. I don't recall Jesus of the Buddha screwing a little girl. Islam is the ONLY religion that REVERES someone that (to put it bluntly) FUCKED A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL! To tolerate, accept, or approve of Islam is to (also) tolerate, accept or approve of 50 year old men screwing little girls.PERIOD.
    Yes, I am intolerant. Because I do not and will not condone, accept or tolerate pedophiles. It is NOT a "flaw" in their religion, it is a *sacred* fact, according to Islam. It is the reason that 11 year girls are given in marriage to 45 year old (and older) men in Afghanistan. They accept that it is *ordained* as a sacred precept by Mohammed his own damn self.
    They use this as an excuse to rape and abuse CHILDREN.
    Yes, I do get upset about this. EVERYONE should get upset about this.
    Maybe if the whole damn world let them (Muslims) know that their religion is a disgusting, ugly, nasty thing, it would shame them so much that Islam would die out. As it should!

  3. Agree totally, especially about the muslim thing. Bunch of barbarians that, in my opinion are demonized. Totally evil sons of bitches....the women believers, too. And, you know what? I really don't care if someone thinks and calls me racist and an islamaphobe. So what? I am totally done with this political correctness thing.. I say what I think, and if you don't like it or you are offended, too bad. You can leave my presence.


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